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    Young bitch slow starter but flying now working like a pro....!
  2. Jackers

    Are all the jackers not sold to Ireland lol
  3. Cleaning advise

    Hilbiscrub as used by vets for cleaning
  4. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    With a rifle???? Lol
  5. Season finished

    Totally different in UK terrier Work was kept for vermin control,under the gamekeepers act! I couldn’t give a f**k what people do, it’s just you haven’t got an argument for keeping terrier work if your digging an earth then letting it run free cause stress to dog and fox it wouldn’t wash in a court of law! People going on about fb ruining terrier work there’s a few things written on here that are just as bad! Everything is dug and humanly dispatched 😉
  6. Season finished

    But they could argue that they were “trying “to shoot that fox for protection of game or livestock! Wheres your argument when your intentionally going digging an earth and ruining a home to let it run free? There’s not one! You might as well leave it be happy in the earth in dug!! Just think before you write it’s really that simple
  7. Season finished

    What baffles me about a lot of you on here is you openly admit you digging foxes and letting them go...? What’s the point ???? Think about the reason terrier work was saved before you post things like that ! For the protection of game !!!! Not for f***ing fun!!!
  8. Season finished

    If you sit and watch with thermal you can count all Cubs then you know what your dealing with! I never leave an earth until job was done! I find it strange that keepers have to get help to sort there foxes, I’d quit if I ever had too. I use my rifle for control as a keeper not sport ,I take terriers to other permission , what pisses me of is every knackers are getting rifles with shit cheap nighvisions that start videoing there bad gut shots and post them on Facebook pages “ fox down” f***ing tools they look like they have Parkinson’s the shaking there doing! If you ask them why ur shooting them it’s just for fun! i prefer snares and terriers for controlling foxes around the year but rifle always for cubs, I’ve no interest in confusing a terrier with cubs that don’t even smell like a fox up tubes they can’t get to
  9. Season finished

    Totally disagree there, it’s easier to deal with Cubs with a rifle nightvision and thermal, trying to dig Cubs once there up a bit can show the best of terriers up, and a terrier end up sinking holes all over to find dog scratching at a little tight tube with cub up it that they can’t reach, I control foxes all year round it’s my job! Terriers are my favorite way and I actually dig more than I shoot and snare on my beat, but I wouldn’t even entertain taking a terrier to Cubs now.
  10. 40 pound foxes.

    Biggest I’ve had was a 23lb dog that’s exactly what I said looked like a German Shepard
  11. Out Ratting

    Few familiar faces there, looks a canny day

    Little bitch coming on nicely
  13. Line breeding

    Do you want to f**k off and ruin your own thread
  14. Line breeding

    It would be mad if they were getting passed around, it’s for my benifit I have the room to keep the litter on and if the don’t work they won’t be kept, but if you don’t try you never know, and I’d rather try than sit thinking what if! I’ve seen dogs bred from the best and not Work so who says anything is black and white
  15. Line breeding

    That might be so but she is literally the only bitch with that blood I’m after from 2 men that spent a lot of there life producing that blood. I’m gonna try if I don’t I’ll never know