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  1. Collie/whippet

    https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/1773676-whippet-x-collie-greyhound-saltburn-by-the-sea.html, nice age
  2. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    Did you get the hob from Rob off Lupset mate.
  3. A few today

    that's me giving the zoom ago .
  4. A few today

    cheers, on that run the lurcher was first to the rabbit but its hard to see it was the whippet that made the catch, atb.
  5. A few today

    Not my best filming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBgpkRx-qeQ
  6. A little trip to york

    Working a dog ever day, I can't be the only one that think's that you talk sh#t lol.
  7. A little trip to york

    Didn't Didn't know you only had a 7 month old pup, I wonder how long this one will last before you feck it up and pass it on like the last one and when did this thick hedge turn into a nasty one lol, like I've told you before grow man.
  8. A little trip to york

    No thanks its my birthday I'm on the piss but you can film your dogs working it for me.
  9. A little trip to york

    Sorry its not thick enough for a few on here I'll find one thicker with more nettles for the little dogs to work in next time lol.
  10. Ped whippet pup's coming on

    In the vid yes mate but she's starting to be a little c#nt but I do like the keen little fecker lol.
  11. Ped whippet pup's coming on

    She's getting there mate cheers.