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  1. Staffy Bull

    The brindle bitch in my photo was Ch chainy x lightning (Max's sister and dam of curstopper)
  2. Staffy Bull

    All long gone..
  3. New Catty???

    Wasp uniphox is worth a shot, i have a scout and they are a bit bulky
  4. Gzk-Band

    Had 1mm gzk 30/25 taper on my ppmg for a while now, lasts well and hits hard
  5. Have the same with my lakey, frontlined etc same thing happened 2 year ago. Prednisolone from the vet stopped it, some kind of allergy
  6. I have 3 6x6 pieces of 2" weld mesh, a timber door with weld mesh (chewed !) and a 6x4 timber frame with mesh on, also 2 pieces of board I used for separating pens. Also 14 pieces of polycarb (conservatory roofing) that needs a clean but is not brittle and has years left that I used as pen roofing. Bit timber and you would have a decent run. This all goes together, no picking and choosing or I may as well take it to the local allotments, free to pick up from NE31 postcode, you will need a pick up or tranny or a estate with a good roof rack!
  7. Few Hrs After Tea

    Nice mixed bag Billy
  8. Chest Freezer

    Hebburn, tyneside
  9. Chest Freezer

    Free to pick up 840x540x540 cheers
  10. Best Dog Sheers/clippers To Get

    Recently bought a set of masterclip ex demo off ebay with 3 blades £100, work a treat on my Lakie
  11. Agree with that, saw one of julius Francis fighting Decca Heggie recently too
  12. Tree Climein Dog

    Had a Stafford that spotted a cat in a tree in the park one night, he ran up the tree which backed onto the park fence then someones back garden, cleared the 7 foot or so fence and landed in the garden. I had about a 3/4 mile walk to let the daft twat out of the garden.
  13. Spinning Set Up Advice

    You will need more than one set up for that mate, something for pike/salmon will be too heavy for trout.
  14. Help With Small Cuts

    There on the top of its head! Wash with Hibiscrub and betadine spray any cuts/broken skin. he will be fine