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  1. Racing Pigeons

  2. Racing Pigeons

    Thanks for the offer penda
  3. Racing Pigeons

  4. Banded Goose

    Not seen one but its a bit of a shit place to put a band wouldn't want that round me neck .
  5. Racing Pigeons

    I'm not racing them . Just want them for other reasons . Cheers for replys though . I do like the jansens .
  6. Racing Pigeons

    Could do with 5 young birds not fussed about rings . Preferably grizzle but would take a mix of colours . Any one got anything like this give us a shout cheers liam
  7. Getting some good shots off top dog
  8. did well to get a shot of it spot on
  9. Is this a wild bird ? I don't know of anyone who has a tame Osprey. TC No osprey that young female pere
  10. Very nice . And akl that time your putting in will make a great dog . Keep up the good work
  11. Is this a wild bird ?
  12. Well Boys

    Makes you f***ing laugh lets shoot the dogs but protect a f***ing fox . There a bunch of contradicting c**ts . I say we should have a season on fox a season on badger and a season on these tree hugging hippy twats . Because they all need to be controlled
  13. Folks Over 6Ft Haha

    Two courses will be spot on then
  14. Folks Over 6Ft Haha

    Id put them on two course of engineering bricks . How tall are you ?
  15. Always look really tidy ill give you that mate