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  1. Day or night range finder

    How accurate is/was it? Like a 400 pro... and yard or two out?
  2. Day or night range finder

    Great post. Not watched it yet, but if that is a good as its name suggests it will be killer addition after dark. No pun intended.
  3. " Show us your guns " !

    That my friend is an image that is utterly on point. Superb. I may even put that on my instagram and tag you in it - With your say so of course...? Frosty images with airguns and pigeons. Dont get much better.
  4. " Show us your guns " !

    Mate, Not seen that before...
  5. " Show us your guns " !

    Nowt wrong with that mukka.
  6. Black friday savings

    Nice. Bangin' deals them. I do get the subscription newsletter to me emails from Redbeck but never bloody, just mark as junk Somewhat strange why there all 10's... Was hoping to see a .20 Mk1 Fenman. Damn it.
  7. Heavies

    Could of come back at that but didn't. Your grumpehhh. Sup? Edit. Had an image of a bloke in a gimp suit just now and I have no idea why...
  8. Heavies

    Is that what you've just been told to do by v'man while he's having a hot soak?
  9. Heavies

    Prove it... Bet Si's there. Running you a hot bath...
  10. Heavies

    Well well. Love that delivery. Nicely thought out too. You no way came up with that?
  11. Heavies

    Yeah mate. I'd like one, but have no use for one... maybe on the next clear out, but then what the f'k do I sell when everything I have is on point. A Fenman first. Then maybe a new precharge. Perhaps.
  12. Heavies

    Yeah, was thinking that when I had my old 100... though just stuck to fields. Toying with getting another one actually. Only toying for now...
  13. F1 Chrony chronograph

    From what I've seen, worth every penny. Id have one, but my combro does just fine for me... I mean, what's a foot pound here or there I'd have one. In fact, might put one on me list. Great call Marko. Or your broods call I should say.
  14. Desperate to get us throwing our handbags around he didn't bite this time.
  15. Heavies

    I hate to admit it, but any 'heavy' shaped pellet I've tried in any rifle has been wank. Only in my current stock I must say. Shame really as I hoped they'd be better. And properly wanted to use them... No digs at the pellet, just me sets didn't get on with um. Whereas back to the good old dome, in any heavy weight. Bang on.