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  1. Bush Rummager

    Whats in your garden

    It was a joke mate!!
  2. Bush Rummager


    I do a bit of both running and cycling. It lets me indulge without ending up looking like Peter Kay. Running is mahoosive for burning calories, but it is as boring as f@@k. Lad's.. Get the Strava App downloaded. It's free. Tracks you run or ride. There are segments on there , for example a stretch of road or a trail over a park. You can compare your time over these segments with other people or even just your mate's. It put's you onto a leader board. Keeps it competive if you like.. hence kills some of the boredom!!
  3. Bush Rummager

    Whats in your garden

    3 guinea pig's... a pile of soil that I'm going to bury.. and a mountain of dog arse sausage..
  4. Bush Rummager


    Him up stairs has left us a truly beautiful bit of land there.. in north Devon/Summerset .. pure hunting country.. and god may it remain!!
  5. Bush Rummager

    Liverpool v City

    Link here fellas. http://streamspn.com/tv/fs01
  6. Bush Rummager

    Keswick sun rise!!

    Just on the caravan and camping club site mate. It was my my kid's half term week and we always try to get away when they're off. Here is my route!! Pic was taken roughly in the 11 o'clock position!!
  7. Bush Rummager

    Keswick sun rise!!

    Ha!! If that's your stomping ground's around there mate I'm very very envious!! Sure is a beautiful part of the country!!
  8. Bush Rummager

    Keswick sun rise!!

    Banged an early morning 10k run in last week and snapped this on my way round. Whacked a filter on just off the phone setting's.
  9. Bush Rummager

    Gun ID help required please..

    Cheers fella's.
  10. Get a decent view of it @ 1:39. Cheers fellas..
  11. Bush Rummager

    New swear word

    A cnut is useful.... a vegan isn't!!
  12. Bush Rummager

    Wrap and tuck check required!!

    Serious big black weapon you've got there Mr. Wilkes
  13. Bush Rummager

    Wrap and tuck check required!!

    There's definitely two "different" sides to the catty. That beveled edge is very apparent on the monkeys pics. Obviously, the monkey has opted to go OTT as opposed to TTF.. So. Sombody please provide difinitave answer... I doubt the logo's have been glued on different side's from the supplier.
  14. Bush Rummager

    Wrap and tuck check required!!

    That's right Dave.. the logo is facing me when shooting. It does seem odd though.. when you hold it, it seems natural that the logo should be facing away from you??? Many thanks for the replies fellas. Once I've had a session with it how it is, I'll undo the band and re-tie it tighter.. if i can!! Cheers for the comment again. Total beginner. So just what I was after!
  15. Bush Rummager

    Wrap and tuck check required!!

    Thank's for getting back gent's. I'll get some band and a cutter ordered thanks Greyman, I'll definitely be needing some of that at some point and don't sound bad for ten sheet's. Mr. Wilkes.. those strips are the one's that came with the catty and band from Wasp. I will do what you say though onece I've got the band and cutter. It seems to hold well enough when stretch out. I'm going to take it into work tomorrow and give it a test run, (might as well get paid for it), i got a bag of the yellow pratice ammo too. I'll be having a word with the maintenance man there aswell to sort me some nice 9.5/10 mm bearings out.. he owes me a favour!