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  1. RIP Malcolm Young

    I remember years ago playing Hell's bell's live through just one channel to hear his rythem.. bloody mint sound!!! Don't make them like that anymore!! Sleep tight Malc..
  2. Bush Dweller!!

    Fairly close mate, guessing about 8 feet. He certainly didn't want to come out and play!
  3. Got Your Funeral Tracks Chosen?

    A nice quiet one to send me of.. Stripped.. raped.. and.. strangled!! by Cannibal Corpse...
  4. Wellies

    On second pair of Mucks here. Bang on for the money. They do wear eventually, but i see it as a comfort/ cost trade off thing and i ain't got a problem with it. Have gone almost gone flying a time or two though!
  5. Magpie, Corvid Numbers Under Control.

    My only rule on T.H.l.. a post with a dead bandit always get's a like!! haha.. Top job you're doing there Mark.
  6. B.s.a Lighting .25 Cal Earning It's Keep...

    My apologies folks!! I'd had few beverages after watching that shower on the box yesterday. It is the right vid.. just not sure why i put it up! haha.. Might be a good idea for THL to have some sort of an IQ test you have to take before you're allowed to log in! Or, i might even suggest to Apple that they get breathalyzers built into thier devises! lol...
  7. https://youtu.be/h5_oeFLpRvc.... 👍
  8. Kirsty Gallacher,sky Sports

    Sat down with a coffee earlier and flicked the tele on to this...HUBBA fcuking HUBBA!! Just need her to sit on my face now and my life will be totally complete! haha..
  9. West Wales, Best Spots To Visit

    Sporting shooter off here gave me some great tip's when i asked a very similar question a few years back. Unfortunately.. I've been to bed since then. One of the best things i did was get a ride on a RIB around Ramsey Island, from St Davids. Funny thing was, fella that took us out, clocked our accent. He was from the same small mining town as us.. 9hr dive away. His best mate lives 4 doors away from me! He also knew our lasses mum. I reckon he'd given her a length back in the day! Anyway. Pembrokeshire could be a tad too far south for you. If you do make it down there, try to get a few miles of the costal path in, northwards, from Broadhaven. Loads of bird life. Peregrine central!!
  10. Big Cat Sighting

    Just spotted this on the Mail site - funnily enough, a stone's throw from Spalding!Not actually read it yet.. I'm in Perranporth stuffing a pasty in my face.. http://dailym.ai/2wqmOBp
  11. Big Cat Sighting

    Didn't Simonan, a very well liked and respected Mod on here, once lay claim to seeing a big cat in a field.. Spalding way if my memory serves me right. Layed down in the plough. (The cat, not him). He was 100% certain it was of these big cat's. Few year's back now mind
  12. Bedlington Bitch Pup

    he's definietly a glass half empty kind of man.He's not good at showing it.. but i reckon his heart's in the right placeDepends how many cyders he's he's had downt neck!! You pay and ill sup em.Morton mate.. if you can sup em.. I'll buy em mate.That's a genuie offer.. drop me a line.. I'll be up you way September time atb mate.
  13. Bedlington Bitch Pup

    he's definietly a glass half empty kind of man.He's not good at showing it.. but i reckon his heart's in the right place👍Depends how many cyders he's he's had downt neck!!
  14. Bedlington Bitch Pup

    Morton..you are a negative helmet at times!