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  1. New swear word

    A cnut is useful.... a vegan isn't!!๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Wrap and tuck check required!!

    Serious big black weapon you've got there Mr. Wilkes๐Ÿ‘
  3. Wrap and tuck check required!!

    There's definitely two "different" sides to the catty. That beveled edge is very apparent on the monkeys pics. Obviously, the monkey has opted to go OTT as opposed to TTF.. So. Sombody please provide difinitave answer... I doubt the logo's have been glued on different side's from the supplier.
  4. Wrap and tuck check required!!

    That's right Dave.. the logo is facing me when shooting. It does seem odd though.. when you hold it, it seems natural that the logo should be facing away from you??? Many thanks for the replies fellas. Once I've had a session with it how it is, I'll undo the band and re-tie it tighter.. if i can!! Cheers for the comment again. Total beginner. So just what I was after!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  5. Wrap and tuck check required!!

    Thank's for getting back gent's. I'll get some band and a cutter ordered thanks Greyman, I'll definitely be needing some of that at some point and don't sound bad for ten sheet's. Mr. Wilkes.. those strips are the one's that came with the catty and band from Wasp. I will do what you say though onece I've got the band and cutter. It seems to hold well enough when stretch out. I'm going to take it into work tomorrow and give it a test run, (might as well get paid for it), i got a bag of the yellow pratice ammo too. I'll be having a word with the maintenance man there aswell to sort me some nice 9.5/10 mm bearings out.. he owes me a favour!
  6. I've had this a few weeks now fella's and after a few rushed and failed attempts.. I've actually just managed to get it on! Does it look like a half decent job though? or shall i try again? Though I'd ask before i snip the excess tie band's off. Cheers..
  7. Bert Gripton.

    Really enjoying reading this gents.. especially hearing from Tomo and Lutra, cheers for taking the time to post.. I'm sure it's not just me that appreciates it. I live just outside Mansfield.. it's a small, picturesque quaint village... sort of place you see on postcards.. called Shirebrook! Lutra, i remember reading an artical in EDRD.. written by D.Slight about the tragic death of Ian Clay, must have been over 20 years ago. I remember the article well.. he had a collie cross bitch, smooth coated, called Skye.. i think. ( or Moon). He passed in Kings Mill hospital. Funny how some things stick in your mind. What a shame, I'm 41 with a young family.. so it brings it home. Where you on Welbeck estate when you had your collar felt by the keepers? Very sandy out that way. Finally.. sorry for straying, the tertiers name, Betsy.. nothing to do with the keeper from that way going back a while by any chance?
  8. Muck Boots

    I do like my muck boot's.. on my second pair. But I'm sure I'll end up in a wheelchair sooner or later!!
  9. Old Pics

  10. I'm intrested to know

    I really do tend to think that plain road work doesn't do that much for a dogs fitness. Don't get me wrong, it's got to be better for the dogs to be out on the other end of a lead in the fresh air as oppoesd to being bored out their brains fastened up in a kennel. When i was a lad (๐Ÿ˜‚) i used to woad walk my grandads whippet's... but, this is the difference.. he would be walking 50 yard in front of me with the other half of the team and those little 20lb pocket rockets would be pulling my fcuking arms out their socket's!! Normal road work will probably do more for you that the dog! Best way to get a mutt fit is to give it a few gallop's behind something in a field๐Ÿ‘ Just my thoughts on it.
  11. Few days out

    I must have missed these first time round. Cracking pic's there and nice dog's too... thank's for putting them up. Fell hunting... for me, i think it takes alot of beating!! Everybody should do it at least once!!๐Ÿ‘
  12. Big Cat Sighting

    Looked more like Bungle off Rainbow...
  13. Bush Rummager's big book sale!!

    Cheers D. Ill drop you a line.. That's them all gone folk's.. thank's!!
  14. Bush Rummager's big book sale!!

    For those asking, remaining book's.. Gone to ground .. ยฃ10 posted. G.S.P's today. Free. Yes.. You read it right lad's. Free!! If anyone would like it drop me line with your addy๐Ÿ‘
  15. Another one for the wasp

    Funnily enough, it's just arrived today! I migh tackle putting those band on a little later on when I've got a few Stella's on board. Should be interesting!! haha...