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  1. Concrete Pad

    Thanks to those who helped here and other threads. garage has been up for abit now, needs some finishing touches but its getting good use as is. its not perfect, has a few inperfections, things i could have done better but am happy with it, cheers couple pictures from august
  2. Fresh hare pie i had the other day, rabbit vindaloo the day before was also braw
  3. Back at them

    Nice one
  4. It's getting colder

    Bring on the frost, has been getting nippy past few nights. Fingers crossed it' a decent season
  5. Garden Smell

    am in a private let so my options are limited... my garden slopes towards the house, it was all slabbed and the water gathers in the corner against the house and next door, doesnt help the gutters leak aswell and water can build up a fair bit. its been mentioned a few times to the landlords, only thing thats been done so far is lift 3 slabs to help let it drain away into the ground intsead of the vents!! anyway the landlord is another topic... as yous can guess a mixture of all the water and dog piss can cause abit of a smell! i often spray it with jayes and it does help keep it a bay at times, wumin next door is trying to find anything to moan about and shes picked up on the smell.. instead of buying bottles of jayes or blacks is there something similar i can buy, more bulk at a fair price? lots of small bottles of jayes is costly, looking for other options if possible, any helps appreciated. edit: i see a few kennel cleaners on ebay, any yous recommend?
  6. Scotland

    Couldn't you ask for a rematch in case you get a better result? sounds like a plan! f***ing gutted, thought we were going to win this one. time for a new manager, gs reverted back to the same players who let us down at the start of the campain. young mcgin should be playing, the celtic players make a difference, everyone can see that except gs.. time the championship players were out the squad. no all doom and gloom for us, some good players comming through, time for another manager with fresh ideas.
  7. Scotland

    This is our year, our time, think we will win the world cup now ... No been on for abit, hope everyone is keeping well
  8. Bbq Rabbit Legs

    done the job, back legs were alot better than the front lol neighbour was interested asking what it was, saying it smelled good. changed tune once i said it was rabbit...
  9. Marinated the night before in: ½ cup olive oil 1 teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon ground black pepper ½ teaspoon paprika ½ teaspoon cumin ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper 2 cloves garlic, chopped 3 tablespoons chopped onion ½ cup chopped fresh parsley 1½ cup of hob goblin ale Some left over for now
  10. Some Recent Trapping

    i do mate, mostly the dugs and ferrets. planning to try bbq some this year They're nice barbecued mate Marinade the legs of some 3/4 grown ones in whatever you want then, wrap them in bacon and put them on the barbecue. The meat is lovely and tender that sounds like a plan mate , ill report back
  11. Some Recent Trapping

    i do mate, mostly the dugs and ferrets. planning to try bbq some this year
  12. took 19 from this garden last year, back again and at 17 and counting... cant get access to the estate that surrounds and the wee feckers keep turning up for a scran. some recent pictures one young had a couple doublers, heres one
  13. Scottish Independence

    cheer up ya grumpy git
  14. Scottish Independence

    Here he goes again you say....... Not this time If you havnt seen this already, give it a watch