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  1. Hob in season working

    i know that mate, just wondering if anyone has worked a hob inseason with decent results?
  2. Anyone rehoming a ferret with abit working experience , am near Edinburgh , can travel abit
  3. Hob in season working

    I should really know the answer, I’d say no. But does anyone work hobs that are in season , how do they get on? I may need to try
  4. Musscle man

    ok mate, you able to pass on contact details? cheers
  5. Musscle man

    Anyone know of one near Edinburgh
  6. Bruised legs

    finding the top of her front legs on the inside is soft bruised and saggy/watery there a fair bit of discomfort but still trying to move around like normal, stubborn git
  7. mk3 ferret finder , anyone selling

    I found it yesterday , am sure the mrs is playing tricks on me..thanks
  8. Bruised legs

    bare with me, how about calpol or ibuprofen for kids?
  9. Bruised legs

    My bitch has bruised/swollen the top of her front legs on loose fence wire that was covered with growth, she was on the trail of a rabbit with only one thing in mind... Applying some frozen veg on the areas the now , anything else recommened?
  10. mk3 ferret finder , anyone selling

    haha, no impossible though
  11. mk3 ferret finder , anyone selling

    i remember reading the post at the time mate, hopefully i get some similar luck.
  12. anyone selling one? ive somehow managed to loose mine, been waiting to see if it turns up, feck knows how i managed to loose it
  13. Concrete Pad

    Thanks to those who helped here and other threads. garage has been up for abit now, needs some finishing touches but its getting good use as is. its not perfect, has a few inperfections, things i could have done better but am happy with it, cheers couple pictures from august
  14. Fresh hare pie i had the other day, rabbit vindaloo the day before was also braw
  15. Back at them

    Nice one