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    Ferreting lamping with lurchers fishing for trout and salmon shoot the odd fox 17hmr.

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  1. Missus has left me

    Making jam and the cold out if I was in your position soup would be made lol..
  2. Purse nets

    Got nets from Bill they are that best nets i ever saw or used, great man to deal with, a gentleman is netrigger and the nets say it all first class came highly recommended by W Katchum.....
  3. BORIS

    Borris the albino ferret lol..
  4. RIP Dolores O Riordan

    RIP sad news, 3 kids god bless them.. .
  5. Profile views?

    I blame the MUSLIMS trying to take over hunting life.
  6. Christmas dinner

    Peter having the same as yourself, first year for boned and rolled, butcher cooking turkey and ham be more time to relax..
  7. Bullx suitability

    If you can give dog time and care get yourself a whippet....
  8. Joe Joyce making easy work of mastering a guitar.

    Fruitcake should have being sectioned years ago, from one mad coont to a family of header balls.
  9. More digs than usual?

    Rabbits are being lamped to dead they rather take there chance under ground than face what might be over ground, one farm had years ago was the same dig every rabbit sometimes 4 or 5 in pooch, asked farmer was anyone else hunting said lads lamping every night.
  10. Getting fed up

    Same back home Sean nothing about,,, ten years ago there were rabbits everywhere not now,,,,, RVHD fooked everything up for us..
  11. Another Step Up The Ladder

    RIP John
  12. First Of Season Fox And Experiance

    Great job Del, big fox you got say dog is bouncing off the walls to get out again......
  13. Fancy A Quick One

    I was only in 1 of the pubs O Donoghues....
  14. Eamonn Campbell.

    RIP Eamonn..
  15. Hugh Heffner.

    Hugh the dirty auld fooker......