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  1. Few runs

    Looks no worse than my attempts 😂 you got anything tasty planned for it...?
  2. Need new lamping partners

    If things go well he might give you a reach around.... 😬
  3. Need new lamping partners

    Can you not risk it solo?
  4. Lake District - Windermere

    I once came down there backwards with the cattle trailer on the back going to eskdale Shepard’s meet. The dividing gates came open and all the sheep went to the back of the trailer and lifted the back of the Land Rover up 😂. We nearly lost 3 generations that day, me my dad and grandad. Grandad refused to get back in and walked home 😂
  5. Snowing

    It was cold so he had them tucked away....
  6. Snowing

    made the mst of it yesterday, the missus got the day off from work so my pal landed up and we had a good muck about in the snow, rather sore this morning.
  7. Can’t make it out

    I can agree with that, my sheepdog bitchs will always put that extra effort in where as the dogs, at times can have a bit more self preservation.
  8. Goals for 2018

    That’s my life goal, I’m doing pretty well with it so far lol
  9. Mooch on Dartmoor

    Looks a good day lads. Whats the little black & white busher?
  10. Different colours

    A place I lamp the farmer told me to leave the black ones because his wife liked them so I did, now there’s more black ones than normal coloured ones!
  11. Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    I think it says a lot about the owner that he let it get to that point, it baffles me....
  12. Few days out

    Ye he’s a whippet. Your hunt sound a bit stuck up, if your dogs are under control and know there manners there is no reason why they shouldn’t be there.
  13. Lake District - Windermere

    Rydale caves is a nice easy walk, or you could go up doves cragg if you fancy something a little more strenuous. The cathedral caves at little Langdale is nice, just keep to the left if you try to get your truck through the river.
  14. It's Christmas

    🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄 🎅
  15. Merry Christmas lads

    🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄