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  1. Couldn’t resist

    Could it not be that someone’s beat you to it?
  2. Honey badger x

    It’s lucky he’s a gentle giant or he could take your thumb off lol
  3. Honey badger x

    We finnished the morning with ten bunnys and a very tired beddy pup.
  4. Honey badger x

  5. Honey badger x

    Met up for a mornings ferreting with my pal, he brought his beddy x pup and the honey badger x ferret. Was a nice cold morning for it and we soon warmed up as we soon realised that digging was going to be the trend of the day. I fetched my whippet Patch with me to snap up any that miss the nets but it wasn’t happening today, paddy(the ferret) was making short work of bottling them up in stop ends.
  6. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    He’s got some bone about him.
  7. Quick video of the pup

    It’s not far off being arable land that 😂
  8. Ped whippet pup's coming on

    Nice going, the lal dog certainly knows it’s job
  9. Lurchers That Tree ???

    There’s a fella who lives close to me who shoots/traps a lot of squirrels and he has a Russell that is mustard at hunting squirrels, he will follow them below as they run along the trees then mark them until the fella gets there to have a shot. He’s not a purpose bred dog, I think he got him from a kennel.
  10. Bolting

    Awesome pics mate 👌
  11. Steady day

    7ft! Any deeper and you would be thinking about calling in a digger.
  12. Steady day

    The sport of kings, we caught a couple in the nets on a couple spots that weren’t just suited to bolting to the dogs but the majority were picked up by the dogs. The ferrets were were the stars of the show, they kept them bolting nicely with no digging so happy days.
  13. Steady day

    Met up with a pal this morning to bolt a few to the dogs. Sport was had bolting out of warrens and pushing out of the reed beds, both dogs ran nicely.
  14. Pumpkins 🎃

    You must be keen Dave, I had done enough by the time I had finnished that one, the eyes were a ball ache to do.
  15. Pumpkins 🎃

    Anybody else had a go at carving a pumpkin this year? If so, get your pics up Heres my attempt.