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  1. Vladivostok

    Bit to close to North Korea....
  2. Foxes hit hard??

    There’s no shortage of them here, I’ve been loosing a lamb to them every other night. Unfortunately I’m not aloud to control them as we have a gamekeeper, who is friging useless!
  3. Working at height

    A mate of mine offered to take me skydiving with him, I agreed thinking it would be good at the time. Then I went home and started watching videos on YouTube then ended up watching a load of skydiving fails and it put me right off so I had to call him and decline/fanny out 😂
  4. Cuckoo

    It causes liver failure.
  5. Anyone got this cross?

    The Russians have been crossing wolfs with Shepard’s for years to use as man dogs.
  6. Show us your Bull x

    Golly reece pie bred....
  7. Phone Hacked?

    Or nuggets...
  8. Phone Hacked?

    Could you not resist the mature single woman 2km away from you?
  9. Phone Hacked?

    Is pornhub safe... 😂
  10. Phone Hacked?

    What is “malware”? I’ve heard it mentioned a few times in the last couple week. In English for the remedial among us...
  11. Sheep racing.........

    Ffs, so is it now a crime that every morning my ewes race across the field to me so I can feed them? What a joke...
  12. Hamilton hound

    What restrictions do they have over there?
  13. Julian barnfield grass

    There petty as dope fiends, my local hunt spat the dummy out with me for hunting fox’s on my own farm... 😳