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  1. private messaging (mods)

  2. private messaging (mods)

    (Bump) any changes
  3. Your Trail cam pics

    Was out mooching one night on the lads says what's that red light .. me knowing quite well haven bin Beating to one before what the red light was ha ha ha
  4. my mule deer and whitetail camo skull mounts

    Check out the hydropainting skull on YouTube
  5. private messaging (mods)

    Cheers mate iv tried everything
  6. private messaging (mods)

    no message settings or pictures more than likely disabled by the elites
  7. private messaging (mods)

    im on laptop now where i go chris
  8. private messaging (mods)

    On the ball cheers lads thanks very much
  9. private messaging (mods)

    An answer from them would be nice .is a bit of a pain cheers lads
  10. private messaging (mods)

  11. private messaging (mods)

    When I click my name I get brought into my profile as to call it and there is nothing to suggest messages , cheers
  12. private messaging (mods)

    How do I do that ill give it ago pal . But I think they bin disabled
  13. private messaging (mods)

    Any answers
  14. private messaging (mods)

    I can't for a long time now pm any friends or members .I thinks it's down to warning points I reseaved in the past for stupid posts nothing major just wondering could this be resolved please .. there be no acting the bollox cheers0
  15. Ballsy Robin!

    Brilliant..... was expecting for him to be soft but he looks fit an healthy well done