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  1. what Crry on

    Fcuking scum of the lowest at least 30 stitches the poor girl man . . Someone's wife sister mother daughter that is . . . . . I'd chew them fcuking flies
  2. Half cross bull greyhound

    Are they harder trained and less cleverer than let's say average first cross . Being they only want do one thing sort of dog.and there for maybe two headstrong to Evan want to listen or stop to think .... just asking
  3. pups and my first

    Nice pup Still young and green baby steps with him still developing bones/joints /brain etc .... don't mind me saying his nails look v long in first pic ...... probably just cause they splayed looking .. atb del
  4. pups and my first

    Good for you and dog onwards an up wards plenty of time yet . .what x is he / and age
  5. Carved Eagle Opinel No6

    Can weatherd (the ones I have around the garden ) antler be carved/shaped 👍
  6. Carved Eagle Opinel No6

    Brilliant that top man
  7. New pup

    Best luck with her Peter she's a smart pup you'll see the more she settles down plenty of fun to be had . I'll get the pics for ye
  8. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Can someone unlock my private message pls 😇
  9. Cruciate ligament damage.

    If you my number ring me
  10. Skinned Carcass Colour

    Has one bleed out more than the other ....the doe's meat looks pumped with blood (normal ) maybe adrenalin . . . Jmo
  11. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Then fields(bawnoge) down there are lethal Peter could of bin anything .. take it that's where you were . . . Hope you get sorted with pup someone on here should have something and might help ye .. . I'll keep an ear out for ye to .....
  12. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    Love watching this dog run best fox lamping videos on YouTube by far . . . 👌
  13. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Can't believe I reading this Peter . . . Sorry to hear mate . How did it happen
  14. advice on when to breed my bitch

    No realy stop the messin
  15. advice on when to breed my bitch

    Stop the messin