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  1. gwalchmai4110

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    superb example him! atb
  2. gwalchmai4110

    Show Us Your White Dog's

  3. gwalchmai4110

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    one of my young bitches...... atb
  4. gwalchmai4110

    Bushing litter

    got to admit them white pups are lovely! atb
  5. gwalchmai4110

    Show us your Bull x

    lovely them....the brindle is very similar to my bitch ATB
  6. gwalchmai4110

    First ferret advice

    I dont know where in wales you are but i will be breeding some from my workers this summer...... drop by and take what you want mate, probably sort you a dozen nets and a carry box to go home with you aswel bud atb
  7. gwalchmai4110

    Muntjac in Wales

    ive bumped into a couple this season in mid wales......made me wander where they arrived from atb
  8. gwalchmai4110

    Saluki psychology

    come on now mate......he was an easy going, easy to live with type of mutt!! ha ha in all seriousness...he was cnut and a royal pain in the arse....but...and its a big but he killed a decent amount of stuff for you atb
  9. gwalchmai4110

    whos working lakeys this season?

  10. gwalchmai4110

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    shes still here bud, but she has a bad injust to her foot so havent had her out too much, infact i think shes only had four this season but hopefully she heals up. deffo no digging dog and id not insult people and pretend she is but a handy little bitch to have about atb
  11. gwalchmai4110

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    a few mongs..........
  12. gwalchmai4110

    Lucky Bred Pups

    cant fault that...... atb
  13. gwalchmai4110

    Lucky Bred Pups

    well thought out reply..... cheers
  14. gwalchmai4110

    Lucky Bred Pups

    your missing my point.....whether there suited to the ground or not.....or if there pink with green spots....would you not say running them doubled up is disrespectful. dont take me the wrong way im not condoning running hares on the snow.....but at the same time i think we have all done things that to another man may not seem ethical
  15. gwalchmai4110

    Lucky Bred Pups

    what so because there mountain hares....you should run them doubled up?