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  1. Not bad

    Nice one pal beats sitting at home ay
  2. Not bad

    Had a few tonight dident do bad considering the weather freezing cold and a lot of patchy fog mini had 16 me mate had 6 mini running very well think missed 4 -5 max we’re she’s in season it’s nicked her back a gear but not over shooting ect did anyone else get out
  3. Rabbiting Dogs

    Very good on a rabbit if she gets a bend or two there usaly dead even better round cover bitch will gear up around cover lively to watch only thing I can knock her on I don’t no if it’s the collie or what but she doesn’t fly down the beam anymore just seems to trickle down at like 50% then gear up if she can’t take from the seat or bunnie or what ever gets up but some times if a long slip it goes against her ps dident kill them all in the pic next to the van but a good % If then
  4. Couple pics of the dogs

    Nice mate how’s the pup bred
  5. Few runs

    Yh I thought that lads lol no I found him last night I think that wind must of blew him over 🤔 and yh will just be the pic mate
  6. Few runs

    Luckily I sell them while pal getting £2 eatch atm but have abit of a drive up to Chester to sell them had another 17 last night
  7. Few runs

    Butchery level 0 lol first one iv done got some good meat and plenty for the dogs non wasted
  8. Trying to work things out

    My pals just put this half x to a coursing bred bitch should make chancy pot fillers
  9. Few runs

    Few runs with mini tonight all done in about 2.5 hours bitch is ten days in season so it’s takeing it out of her had a few smaller bags of 10-15 last week aswell after her little 6 week break probs keep her off now till she’s done in heat
  10. 2 quick nights

    Been slow last ten days Neil with the moon hardly been out but bang back at it now
  11. 2 quick nights

    Cheers mick dident Notice
  12. 2 quick nights

    Had two quick nights out this week with the dan and his pup I bred buster he haven’t done a lot but it’s coneing on great dident get out all last week due to moon both around 3 hours out as dan works early morning and only one lamp as his is broke dogs ran well had 28 last night not 23 killed 5 more after I dropped dan off at his car but dident bother with another pic
  13. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Yh bad new my dog snapped his to he hobbles around on 3 legs now he still kills rabbits but on 3 legs lol and takes a long time to recover after a few runs so I don’t bother much anymore was told about some kind of op they could do basically put some kind of band or something we’re it snapped but was silly money vet also said athritious ( spelt wrong ) will set in early aswell
  14. Glad To Be Back

    Nice one
  15. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Pure out of Nero