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  1. 2 quick nights

    Been slow last ten days Neil with the moon hardly been out but bang back at it now
  2. 2 quick nights

    Cheers mick dident Notice
  3. 2 quick nights

    Had two quick nights out this week with the dan and his pup I bred buster he haven’t done a lot but it’s coneing on great dident get out all last week due to moon both around 3 hours out as dan works early morning and only one lamp as his is broke dogs ran well had 28 last night not 23 killed 5 more after I dropped dan off at his car but dident bother with another pic
  4. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Yh bad new my dog snapped his to he hobbles around on 3 legs now he still kills rabbits but on 3 legs lol and takes a long time to recover after a few runs so I don’t bother much anymore was told about some kind of op they could do basically put some kind of band or something we’re it snapped but was silly money vet also said athritious ( spelt wrong ) will set in early aswell
  5. Glad To Be Back

    Nice one
  6. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Pure out of Nero
  7. Brack And Pearl 2017

    Looking well have a good season mate
  8. Pups Doing Well

    Thanks for likes a rest now till Tuesday
  9. Scope Mounted

    It's just the dimmer and head and mounts ect mate any lense will screw into it
  10. Pups Doing Well

    Another good night for the pups 35 in the bad all said and done by just after 2 headed out about 9.30 so not bad going roman is a joy to watch on the rabbits getting abit clever picked a new thing up tonight he's started running out the beam by about 30yd when slipped and then trying to smash them out the seat from the side of the beam both turning out really well and so far a susceseful litter roman still had plenty left on the tank mini maybe another 10 runs but ran out of places as was low on fuel think there was a few other lads out Sorry for the bad pics Thanks for looking Not bad for two amateurs
  11. Scope Mounted

    Brand new un used
  12. Scope Mounted

    Okay open to offers but ill say £35 of needs price inc postage
  13. Scope Mounted

    Deben scope mounted has the dimmer ect and all fittings I brought the set just for thr reflector part , open to offers can post or if someoes feeling generous will swap for a copy of down the beam will add abit £ Craven arms shropshire
  14. Out With The Pups

  15. Out With The Pups

    Mini and roman