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  1. Usk shoot

    Just wondered if there’s any guys on here that’s part of a syndicate at castle farm in usk?
  2. Russel Stud Dogs

    Did you sort a dog out after fella?
  3. Lets See Your Working Russells

    How do you add photos on here lads? I'm not clued up it seems
  4. I very rarely comment on these threads as its generally pointless, trying to convert the narrow minded. However, I felt compelled to reply to this one. If true gameness is very hard to describe and has to be seen, how can you comment on whether a dog is game or not without seeing it with your own eyes Moo? Sadly, old Vandal is no longer around, but here is an old photograph of Stormyboy's Vandal (hope you don't mind Stormy). As for being a wanky breed of terrier, thats your own opinion, and a very narrow minded one at that. I have seen wanky terriers of all types, including blacks, borders, russells plummers etc. And I have seen some very good ones too, of all breeds, including plummers. I have also seen people who have been totally against plummers change their minds considerably when they have seen a very good one work.. Is the breeder of this dog named dereck? from cowbridge in wales? ...My grandfather had the son of vandal and possibly sky crystal (i'll have to dig the papers out) who we named scamp, we then bred scamp with a bitch my grandfather already owned which was a patterdale russell x border russell, then we bred 1 of those pups with my own jack russell and the pups we have now got from that litter are absoultly fantastic! If it is the vandal from which we 1st got scamp from id love to send you some pics as they have vandal blood in them and fair play..iv not seen a better dog yet and every one is trying to buy them off me ..Not even if they offered me £1000 each!! not for sale lol
  5. i got a little farm in usk about that sort of size mate where abouts is yours?
  6. A Careful Busher

    Depends on the thickness of its coat for one. Also i'v met a lot of lads, no disrespect, that think they have to work thick cover but then when they come down to my neck of the woods they realise just how easy they have it. My terriers are always cut up, nothing major, just cuts and scrapes from very thick dense bramble cover. But at the end of the day if they do there job and flush the game etc, a few cuts or not doesnt make a blind bit of difference.
  7. Bushing Dogs?

    My terriers catch in the bushes 8/10 times out. I think its just how well they are bred and the time youve put in to them. Plus the area you live, where im from its just 1 big bush lol ..I'v worked with lads from areas with little cover who claim to have "the best dog in the area" and when they come to where i live there dogs dont know what to do and spend hours running around outside the bushes wondering what all the ruckus is from inside the bush lol ..I guess a bushing dog is a dog that can work the cover in order to flush or catch game. Whether it be flush to gun, flushed and pushed to ground, to get the game to break cover essentially.
  8. Different Crosses

    A chap i met at beating had a collie cross lab, claimed it to be the best dog he ever had. I must admit im a fan of mixed breeds, get the best traits of each breed in 1 dog. Both My terriers father is a jack russel, the grandfather is a plummer and the grandmother is border x russel x plummer x russel. They are nothing short of superb at all aspects of hunting i must admit.
  9. Bushing Help

    hi buddy, i wouldnt worry too much about the dog seeing the rabbit. A terriers greatest weapon is its nose! Just call them to where you saw the rabbit and let them work the scent. The greatest advice i was ever given was "always work with your dog". You are a team after all so where your dog goes you go with it, he has the nose and you have the eyes. ..My terriers dont hang around when im carrying one they just want to get back to work, all i can suggest is just be persistant in telling them to leave happy hunting mucka.
  10. Any Ideas?

    The simple jack russell got my vote. A good all rounder, cant fault them i say.