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  1. 2X More Porkers

    I did his left 1 literally Off the sticks aswell kk lol
  2. 2X More Porkers

    I know I wish I had sum scales I was guner buy some yesterday aswell for £3 but never botherd I was talking about vmax bullets check out the exit on the 63g soft point
  3. 2X More Porkers

    Had walk out tonight to avoid crap factor Just about to give up when these twe lads Came into sight first was @210paces stright fru The left eye then within 5 minutes This big boy came in I thourt the one Owen took Was a big fox check these 2 out there's a phesint Shoot within 400yrds so it looks like they've been dineing well Well they won't be anymore
  4. 9 months for my fac Pathetic avon and somerset 3years ago
  5. Some Ducks

    Not nocking up the numbers on the Geese this year then les? Are they not not comeing in?
  6. T20

    The t50 is basically the same with touch more power And 2 batteries for double run time I can sort ya a t50 out or a t20 But I'd go for the t50 has there a better made Just my view
  7. T20

    I may know a guy
  8. Anther Big Dog Down

    your right what ever you hit is dead be hit 40g or 80g I just liked the idea of the vmax So I could try & blow them up lol some exit on the Vmax tho here's one from last week 25g powder 55vmax
  9. Anther Big Dog Down

    Now you lot can see who you keep giveing your money to lol
  10. Anther Big Dog Down

    Not as many as I should have been useing some new home load vmax missed 9 in 3weeks Takeing um around the 150 mark but thay wasint stable out passed that So Iv gone back to my serra sp 63g
  11. Well last night the wife was glued to the tv watching Xfactor there was know way I was watching that shit So I took a new nv out for the second time to a hot spot I put on a few calls out to no avail but all changed with a chicken destress call This large dog come in like a steam train ,, I knowed he was there as every time I whent he was about, But as soon as you put the beam on him he was away be it red or green Well not tonight with the nv About 150yrds kneck shot
  12. Out With Cushty Mush

    Yep he shure was a bigin alright biggest Iv seen Not like the one I just took with that nv I was Telling you about Owen but all is wellcome lol
  13. Out With The T20

    good shooting nasher glad ya happy with the torch
  14. Worth Getting Up For

    looks like you had a good morning owen nice result there ps that me walking back from the pub lol (a cabage lol)