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  1. First season dogs

    Started a patterdale dog this year self entered at 15 months end of September 7 digs and 2 bolts over him hope to get a dig this weekend with him that finish it for the year. Got young dog 11 months mad to go holding him to next season something to look forward to come September
  2. Puppy Issues

    Got a russell pup give to me with a hernia when he was 7 weeks old he 9 mounth old now and hes fine and its nearly disaperd.took him to vet when he a pup they told me to get it removed but i took him to two other vets and they said leave it it usually dosent affect the dog and should grow out off it.glad i did it causes him no bother and very tiny now.
  3. Newry Stag Hounds

    They are still hunting farmer shot 3 hounds and wouldent let huntsman in the feild to get them
  4. Springador ??????

    If to flush game for lurchers should be deadon if trained the right way and this cross should be easier to train and controll than terrier or hound crosses but dont think they will bark on sent tho but never no.
  5. Only Your Selfs To Blaim !!!

    Theres no problem posting pictures and i didin see any problems with that picture in the paper of the young lad and the dog and fox nothing wrong with it at all its other pictures and the f***ing bullshit and lies the antis and papers say need to sort themselves out nob heads.
  6. Only Your Selfs To Blaim !!!

    Absolute disgrace papers must have nothing better to wright nothing wrong with children out enjoying country sports when mines old enough shel be out hunting and fishing.but this fb shit has to stop if anything will help get hunting banned in northern ireland its fb posting stuped pics and comments this is why im not on fb.but this is northern ireland theyl never bable to police a ban here and our politions cant agree on what day of the week it is there more intrested in flags gays talking irish being c**ts and calling londonderry' derry.as long as people keep there heads down keep queit things will be fine but some people seem to fell the need to post everything on fb sad really cause i wanna keep hunting away without kooking over my shoulder. Happy hunting foks.
  7. Pup Taking Shape

    Nice pup and dogs lad
  8. Raw Eggs

  9. Dog Food

    Used red mills mate and there shits were like water and one of the lurchers hair started cumming out never tryed gain so cant comment feed raw now and all dogs do great.
  10. How Many

    3 lurchers 1 whippet lad whippets my wee rabbiting dog. Lurchers for foxes 1 semi retired a young lurcher bringing her on this year and a lurcher pup to bring on next year.also a terrier ill be trying in a few weeks and a terrier pup to try next year.
  11. How Many

    Samantha lol happy hunting girls
  12. How Many

    Yous two are the dickheads always the same people on her slabbering and talking shit if more people were actchly out hunting rather than on her all the time bitching like a bunch off wee girls it would be a better site for giving advice to like minded people insted of puting them down. Get as many dogs as u want paul i do and no ones happy about it but me in my mind i can justify havung them.
  13. Lurchers Taking Woodcock

    Whippet caught one last year on the lamp lovely little bird to see and eat.
  14. Driving Land Yay Or Nay??

    Do it both depends what im looking for if im looking foxes lamping from the yoak is best see more gear cover more ground get more runs if bunnies on foot all the time.
  15. What Wellies

    Tried loads of differnt wellies.toggi is the best iv found getting a new pair damara the ones i have iv had since last september and wear them seven days aweek and work on a farm and dig with them at 70 quid good gear.