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  1. anyone around my area go a couple of young jills ready to work this season
  2. Looking For New Permission

    fingers crossed something comes my way soon as i said a lot of farm doors etc been knocked on without any luck
  3. Looking For New Permission

    cheers have a good season yourself
  4. Looking For New Permission

    cheers think iv covered every golf corse stables livery etc withing reason
  5. hi there now i no this is a bit like looking for hens teeth but here gos.. dos anyone know or have land going that i could use for ferretting mostly with nets sometimes the air rifle for mostly rabbit control happy to also to deal with crow magpie etc with air rifle as i said i no this is hard to find new permissions im based just outside dundee so angus/perthshire parts of fife all considered land will be left as i found it all gates shut all quarry lifed
  6. hi there can you pm me with details ets im in dundee
  7. I Fancy A Change

    cheers again and understand that you cant train a whippet like a lab or a terrier like a whippet tho am willing to put in effort time etc to what ever dog i get
  8. I Fancy A Change

    cheers for that just looking for some good advice and hints tips re training etc
  9. I Fancy A Change

    cheers what are whippets like to train ?
  10. I Fancy A Change

    Hi there ... for years i have been in to working dogs more labs for picking up and working tests..last year i lost my last lab and decide to call it a day after a bit of a break i fancy getting back in to working dogs/hunting do i go with gundogs again or do i go for a couple whippets and a ferret or two.. as a change? or. do i go for a few terriers and go down the ratting route how do i find out if theres a opening in my area for this cheers
  11. Thinking About An Air Rifle

    Cheers guys. Took everything on board what you have said. Going in gun shop on Saturday just to have a look get the feel of these guns. I will be putting a cracking scope on Like guys have said no point in. A good gun and cheap scope. Thanks again guys.
  12. Thinking About An Air Rifle

    Cheers guys. Will be in gun shop this weekend without money. Something I've always done to see what I like. Thanks to everyone for there in put its apprictaed
  13. Thinking About An Air Rifle

    Only really started looking to day. Looked at hw95. And the ultra The bsa lighting and the air arms 400. Mostly online and magazine still looking to be open minded just now. Tho setting price limit at 400 to 500
  14. Thinking About An Air Rifle

    Cheers for advice so far In the middle just now having had a springer years ago. Was thinking about another. Then as I looked around an looked at pcp and the bonus of 10 shot mag. Back to being unsure
  15. Thinking About An Air Rifle

    Rabbits. Mostly Odd pigeon and odd crow/magpie depending on if I was well within range