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  1. Retrieving Problems

    Thanks guys I'll give it a go in an alley way
  2. Retrieving Problems

    I have a 5 month old deerhound x wheaten/greyhound pup and last night she caught a rabbit. Was a total accident on my part, I'd never seen a rabbit in that place and it was a myxi rabbit so didn't run particularly fast or far. It was the first rabbit she's ever seen. I wouldn't have considered entering her for another 7 months at least. This morning she went into a bush and came out with a nestling magpie. After both catches she decided the best thing would be to run away and eat it, totally ignoring the whistle and shouts. Ordinarily her recall is pretty good with the whistle and she is reasonable at retrieving a dummy. I honestly didn't expect to be having this problem so soon with everyone saying deerhound types are slow starters. Was I wrong to shout at her for ignoring me under these new and exciting circumstances? What would have been a better way of handling the situation? Do you think I can iron out the problem with more practice with dummies as she gets older? Thanks
  3. Looking For Mastiff Book

    I'm looking for a copy of 'The Mastiffs: The Big Game Hunters - Their History, Development & Future' by David Hancock in good condition if anyone has one they're willing to sell. Price must be reasonable. I know you can get the text online but I want the pictures too and like reading a real book better than virtual. Thanks
  4. Thanks all for the advise. I would love to be able to work the dog but as of yet have no permission and have no friends who do however i do let him hunt for and chase rabbits in the local woods a couple of hours each day and he catches the odd one. My brother also walks him for half an hr to an hour but its mostly road walking. And he gets played with regularly tug o war and throwing balls etc. I don't know whether his parents were gun shy. He hates the lawnmower and the hoover so we keep him away from them when they're in use. His ears are totally fine. Radio, tv (other than dogs), pans, most other stuff he's fine with just doesnt like hoover lawnmower clothes horse doors guns fireworks thunder
  5. And that wont make him worse? how much is a starter pistol? are they legal to use out and about?
  6. There's been a lot of shooting round my area recently mainly between 6-8pm when i usually walk the dogs but it goes on during the day as well so changing walk times doesnt overly help. One of my terriers is terrified of any shots (also fireworks, and the clothes horse for some reason) and will try to run home from wherever we are when he hears them. On lead he doesnt usually pull but as soon as theres a shot he pulls. If i tell him to heel he goes down so low hes almost crawling then heels for about 3 seconds then back to pulling. The shots can be heard from my house and on the housing estate so changing routes isnt a solution. He also goes mental if someone opens or closes a window and bites doors and shreds the post when it comes through but then leaves it. Banging pans doesnt bother him. Can anyone offer any advice for any of these problems? thanks
  7. Cleaning Teeth

    Haha they don't retrieve prey anyway
  8. Cleaning Teeth

    i'll try that cheers skycat and just used the blunt knife on the first dog and his canines are now spotless!
  9. Cleaning Teeth

    Ah right thanks guys i'll give that a go. But they won't eat veg that I give them. One eats small bits of fruit but the other won't touch any fruit either. Is there a way round this?
  10. Cleaning Teeth

    cheers mate i'll se if I can get one of those and give it a try
  11. Recently (about 3 weeks ago) I started feeding my dogs a raw diet and their teeth have cleaned up pretty well without me doing anything else. Except their upper canines and the upper molars on one side of one dog which look as bas as ever and I haven't noticed her favouring one side to chew with. Will these teeth clean themselves up too given more time or is there anything I should do? I've tried scraping them with my nail but the plaque/tartar (not sure which) is pretty solid and not going anywhere. They don't look as if they use their canines to eat with so I'm not sure how they'll clean up
  12. Private Packs Of Staghounds?

    seems a shame that. I like the idea of the private packs best. Anyone know of a pirate pack in the northeast (preferably close to durham as I cant drive) that would allow me to come along during the season?
  13. Private Packs Of Staghounds?

    desertdog why was it frowned upon? because they hunted roe or because they hunted in tsh&dssh country? why does it matter if they hunted a different quarry?
  14. Private Packs Of Staghounds?

    they look brill mate. Just what i'd be after if I wanted some hounds
  15. Private Packs Of Staghounds?

    you got any photos from any hunts or just of the hounds? sounds like a great little pack also how fast does this kind of hound run?