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  1. Luton,Bradford,Birmingham ,Rotherham ,all have a bit of a vermin problem but unfortunately their not on the general licence!
  2. Christmas Adverts

    probably do a fair bit of shoplifting in them !
  3. New layout

    Is the side bar important? Mines intermittent, sometimes it's there, sometimes not, why does the font keep changing?
  4. New layout

    I've got loads more dating sites, all for women of a normal height! None for pint sized cum dumps!
  5. New layout

    havent you got some dwarf rods ?
  6. New layout

    Kev you love it ! like normal porn just smaller!
  7. see big cat remains on m25 slip road in herts !
  8. New layout

    Kev you still looking for a single mussie?
  9. Dirt fishing find

    Mackem ,what happened to your brothers tusks/ivory? Did you get a valuation ?
  10. New layout

    just thought id have a go ,one for Socks to zero hes rifle on !
  11. New layout

  12. Kates Pregnant For The 3Rd Time

    its not mine i always pull out and shoot over her tits!
  13. If This Is True,,what Have Peope Turned Into

    Absolutely sickening, skim read the article, feel sick to my boots, rip little fella, lived a life void of anything nice, so sad!
  14. Females.mixed Messages.

    Sounds like a full on struggle snuggle!
  15. England V Brazil U17S

    Well done they've won it! But what the hell were the sports bras they were wearing???