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  1. arsenal v chelsea what a game

    Can I just ask, not related to this game, and I'm a gooner, but Man city, owned by a mussie? I personally would walk away from my club if owned by that scum, bo-locks to winning some poxy cups, show some back bone, no wonder they think they've conquered us!
  2. That’s never Gareth Gates !!

    has gareth gates got a stutter?
  3. Stove

    looks a bit smoky in there Greyman!
  4. Mc Suffolk burger

  5. Big Cat Sighting

    Nah its my Mrs, she likes a run in the woods!
  6. Sad muppets on facebook

    we're in a hard water area ,and tea always has like a film on top ,some one said put milk in first and you dont get it ,ive done it since so the tea looks better ,as i drink coffee im not that fussed !
  7. Sad muppets on facebook

    i dont care about milk in first ,but there wasnt even any steam coming off it!
  8. Army motto

    Just listening to radio and heard on news, about scrapping the army motto "be the best" as some deem it elitist????? What is all that about? Who'd rather have a reasonable good army, a middle of the road army, a half decent army? Bolloxs to that! I want the Elite!! The best in the world! Stupid twats in an office somewhere, the sort tucking in to a fair trade, gluten free, nut roast on Monday, will be wearing the correct PPE, and have carried out a risk assessment to pull their crackers!
  9. The Perfect Cafe

    Like the sound of that!
  10. My name is Lenny..

    ray winstone! think dyer is to young!
  11. My name is Lenny..

    37% into Judas Pig ,so far a good read !
  12. My name is Lenny..

    think i'll add that to my kindle ,looks a good read!
  13. Job for someone?

    Mate of mine used to keeper there.
  14. Catty companion

    Utterly obsessed by squirrels, great at spotting ones I'd have missed! What do you guys rate as best ammo for squizzers? Using 12mm lead and the Barnet red tubes, was using double thera gold, blue tube, supposed to be powerful, but hit loads, satisfying thump, but not stopping them , back to them red Barnet bands and the difference was amazing, body shots are proper crippling them, they try and jump but just fall out the tree!