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  1. View From Your Swim

    Kev you wont catch anything ,your handles aint level ! school boy error !
  2. Sparrowhawk's

  3. Favourite TV shows and Films?

    another thumbs up for Homeland,brilliant !loved Breaking Bad,did like House of cards, but lost interest eventually .Platoon ,probably only film ive watched more than once!
  4. Toronto van attack

    Will this turn out to be an act of terrorism or just a looney,10 dead not good!
  5. If st george done bbq,s

    GL do you get meat sweats?
  6. Stephen Lawrence Day!

    Any one got anything special planned ?If we get a bank hoilday for every blackie stabbed ,thats 365 days off!
  7. No handshake, no passport !

    all a bit late tho !

    Max your one annoying cnut, shut up about your shite club, shite players, this is about a truly Great manager, who's contributed more to football than you talk shite which is a lot!
  9. Underground cable

    Bloody hell, I'm not a sparks, just remember a job on our building at work and they did something like that, so it's OK to use silicone in a DIY situation? Handy to know

    He wasn't impressed with you either!

    End of an era ,cheers Arsene!
  12. Underground cable

    can you pour resin in the junction/joint box to totally waterproof it?
  13. Guilty Of Sending An Offensive Message

    shes probably a wrong un anyway ,i would double the fine and throw in 200hrs community service!
  14. Knife and gun crime

    You only have to look at Africa to see what these backward nucts are capable of, we opened our doors invited them in, heathens think it's fine to necklace someone for nicking a mobile phone, check that out if you haven't seen it,kin animals, I'd suggest castrate all males in uk, sterilise the bitch's, see an African player score in football, soon resorts to some tribal dancing, not the same as us uck em back off to Africa, Stephen Lawrence, bleating on about him!!! Makes my piss boil!! His mum now a bloody DAME!!!! what a load of shi@ Reckon it could hit 25 degrees tomorrow, be nice if it does
  15. WTF....

    Kev, biological or Foster mum? Both are quite fit