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  1. Strange find

    Theres loads of dodgy charities and money funding terrorist groups isn' there. Wasn' McDonald' charity proven to be funding IRA activity in 90s? It's rife
  2. Strange find

    Al-Qaeda would claim it even if it wasnt them. A terorist grop getting free massive propaganda to warp more minds with and claim a free win. US investigations led to middle east? Surprise surprise. Saudi's deny being involved, as in the government? If US government couldn' do this and cover it up without a whistle blower how comes Saudis' Could?
  3. Strange find

    Impressive narrative but my question was thoroughly and adequately avoided there and for clarity I don't deny that planes crashed into the buildings. The question was is there any evidence it was terrorists? I'm asking because I don't know.
  4. Strange find

    Is there any actual evidence it was a terrorist attack? Barring the passport which fluttered down onto the street after falling from the terrorists pocket during the crash, which managed to survive an inferno that was hot enough to melt steel and collapse a building, that passport. Other than that has there been any evidence tabled?
  5. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Well that was a f****n disaster. Set my alarm for 4 so I was a bit behind so I could fast forward inbetween rounds. Turned Tele on and I had left it on channel so straight away I saw who won. Then I went into planner and I hadnt even put it on to f****n record! Watched the interviews and clips. One thing about wilder is when he sees a wobble he jumps on it big time. I don't think there is anyone around at the minute with that finishing instinct. When him and AN get in the ring I think it will be a case of who connects properly first because they are both prone to getting hit.
  6. Boxing At The Weekend...

    I am but I'm guna set alarm and get couple hours kip first. I don't normally get up for wilder fights because he' usually knockin bums over. I don't rate Ortiz personally but he should be a bigger test than stiverne last time out. Could go either way but I'm 65/35 wilder. Love to see Ortiz do him.
  7. Exercise wheel

    I will second that. Iv'e got a leeview one and stinkers love it.
  8. Strange find

    Fair cop Scott. 100% in my mind it wasn't terrorist. That isnt how I explained it though.
  9. Strange find

    Give it a try:
  10. Strange find

  11. Strange find

    100% this was not a terrorist attack. How did the planes hit in the top third of the buildings yet they dropped from the bottom...exactly as a controlled demolition. Fireman and police around the building at the time heard multiple explosions at ground level just before they came down. All the destruction yet on the rubble within a couple of hours they found the passport of the lead attacker? The Pentagon was 'hit' in the finance archive making trillion dollar problem disappear yet no plane wreckage was ever found there? The buildings had just been sold and massive insurance policy put on them Third building collapsed due to a fire totally unrelated to any terrrist attack but just happened to be at the same time? That building held the finance office linked to the Pentagon trillion dollar problem. Again collapsed as a controlled demo would. Look how long grentfall tower was burning to massive temps and still stood. Anyone who thinks this was a genuine terror attack needs to do some research into it. Regards evidence there is masses. Where is the evidence it was a terror attack......an unscathed passport found in the street outside after the building collapsed???????
  12. BBC 1 now

    Think it was inside out
  13. BBC 1 now

    Unreal the prats about.
  14. BBC 1 now

    Set of cnuts bailed car and legged it leaving dog in back. No need to make it look bad with people like that about.
  15. BBC 1 now

    I'm in yorkshire, maybe