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  1. Couple parsnips out the ground today to go with sunday dinner. Set up a bed trying 'no dig'. Sorted mi compost heap, getting rid of the plastic one and knocked a couple bigger ones up with pallets. Tryna make the most before weather turns for the worse.
  2. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    I have a friend after a couple jills too in doncaster. Thin on ground round here this year for a change normally trippin over em being handed out!
  3. Mink diving on a small fish

    I had an idea in my head a few years ago just had to find a mink and an artist. I portrayed my idea to rob and he has smashed it. Absolutely over the moon with this one off piece of art. Brilliant work fella. As previous thread I think you have excelled once again.
  4. Pigs 2017

    How does it work put against shop meat. Is it cheaper doin it or more expensive but better meat and you know where its from? I had some land at back of my house and almost went for it, was guna go for tamworths to turn it all over, but ended up digging a pond instead! I am still very interested in doing it and there may be a couple of fields near me I could get.
  5. Compost

    Definite no no then! Thanks
  6. Compost

    Started my first go at composting today. Mucked chickens out thats gone in, a load of dead leaves, some rotted cow muck (which was full of redworm) and some grass cuttings. Hoping that all gets going especially with the amount of worms in there. Might be a daft question but I keep ferrets aswell can their muck go in? At minute it goes in the bin but if its ok for the compost I will start chuckin it in there.
  7. Fruit trees

    BnM have different fruit trees in for about 8quid each. Was guna buy a few anyone have much of an idea about fruit trees? Are these likely to be poor i.e. you get what you pay for as usual?!
  8. Mink Road Kill

    Rob58 is on with this. Ive seen some progress pics and i think he has surpassed himself AGAIN! Get ready for something special!!!
  9. New layout

    Didnt know there was such a thing? Can I get that on my phone?
  10. New layout

    Yeah, ive never gone on plenty of fish or dating websites either. Ones enough for me.
  11. New layout

    To many adverts. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad if they werent all dating websites. Computer must think everyone who comes on here is a lonely wanker.....oh, hang on a minute
  12. Boxing At The Weekend...

    That was a bit of statement by wilder. I know stivs not fought properly for a few years but neither AJ or Fury wouldve come out with that much spite to finish him like that in first round. Thats why AJ needs to get nasty. Suprised me with that wilder compared to what ive seen before.
  13. Im planning on having a go at this no dig lark. Is it as simple as putting some cardboard down and then covering with 4inch of compost/manure? Is anyone already doing 'no dig'? If so how is it working out. I cant believe it will kill all the weeds we have here but guna give it a go.
  14. New layout

    Really though, what happend to mobile version?!
  15. New layout

    How do i switch to mobile version? This is wank?!