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  1. Kits

    Where abouts are you fella?
  2. Losing a worker

    Did you get sorted with a replacement Jill sesku?
  3. Wellies

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332234158808 Just ordered some of these for knocking about.
  4. Funny Joke Thread

    Try this mathematical film test. It's pretty amazing. Mine turned out to be "Jaws". I was surprised how this worked. This test will predict which of the 18 films listed below is your favourite. Don't ask me how, but it really works! Don't cheat and look at the film list till you have done the maths! Here goes... Film Test: Pick a number from 1-9. Multiply by 3. Add 3. Multiply by 3 again. Now add the two digits together to find your predicted favourite film in the list of 18 films below. Film List: 1. Gone With The Wind 2. E.T. 3. Beverly Hills Cop 4. Star Wars 5. Forrest Gump 6. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 7. Jaws 8. Grease 9. The Joy of Gay Anal Fisting 10. Casablanca 11. Jurassic Park 12. Shrek 13. Pirates of the Caribbean 14. Titanic 15. Raiders Of The Lost Ark 16. Home Alone 17. Mrs. Doubtfire 18. Toy Story
  5. Star gazing/Astronomy

    Anyone into it? Young un went mad for space and stars etc back end of last year so bought her a little toy telescope for xmas. Long story short you get what you pay for and it turns out this is a piece of tatt! I am considering getting a 'grown up' telescope for her but there are so many out there just wondering if anyone could offer advice as to one good enough to see stars/moon/mars etc but on a reasonably tight budget around hundred quid? Maybe a bit more if it opened up to next level etc.
  6. Mink diving on a small fish

    Been to collect this today. Set off at 3am-ish back home 2.30pm. Top bloke with whom I thouroughly enjoyed a couple hours chin wag! Quality piece of work worth every mile and minute. Little un loves it and has been begging for it to go in her bedroom! Thanks again Rob. My new mission is to come up with my next idea and find the required subject specimen!
  7. Managed to sneak out

    Little lad and missus went to bed for a nap so me and daughter nipped out for an hour. The sets we were runnin were old ones I dont think they had owt in em, no signs of recent use, but little one insisted we tried. She enjoyed it and ferrets got some excersize so I'm happy. Always bugs me to take her, I love it! Proper girl! Gettin young un out in fresh air......at her request. Perfect start to 2018.
  8. Xmas dinner veg

    Been in the garden and dug up some veg for dinner. It doesn't get any fresher. Just can't buy veg like this in the shops.....
  9. Received a 2year old pot grown Victoria plum tree today through a work offer of a friends. Don' know if it' right time for planting but its in and mulched. Guna get a stake in this weekend to brace it. First of a few fruit trees in my plans....be better if they were all free! Does anyone know how long it would take to produce fruit? Im guessing I won' see any next year but would I get some year after i.e. 2019?
  10. Couple parsnips out the ground today to go with sunday dinner. Set up a bed trying 'no dig'. Sorted mi compost heap, getting rid of the plastic one and knocked a couple bigger ones up with pallets. Tryna make the most before weather turns for the worse.
  11. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    I have a friend after a couple jills too in doncaster. Thin on ground round here this year for a change normally trippin over em being handed out!
  12. Mink diving on a small fish

    I had an idea in my head a few years ago just had to find a mink and an artist. I portrayed my idea to rob and he has smashed it. Absolutely over the moon with this one off piece of art. Brilliant work fella. As previous thread I think you have excelled once again.
  13. Pigs 2017

    How does it work put against shop meat. Is it cheaper doin it or more expensive but better meat and you know where its from? I had some land at back of my house and almost went for it, was guna go for tamworths to turn it all over, but ended up digging a pond instead! I am still very interested in doing it and there may be a couple of fields near me I could get.
  14. Compost

    Definite no no then! Thanks
  15. Compost

    Started my first go at composting today. Mucked chickens out thats gone in, a load of dead leaves, some rotted cow muck (which was full of redworm) and some grass cuttings. Hoping that all gets going especially with the amount of worms in there. Might be a daft question but I keep ferrets aswell can their muck go in? At minute it goes in the bin but if its ok for the compost I will start chuckin it in there.