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  1. Congratulations Tom Daley

    Who going to do the mum run on sports day.....
  2. Dog found

  3. Hopeful Hybrid Pair

    Never easy fella, you just up your chances using red eyes if your into mostly white mules. One at a show in Ireland the other week, full white, the bloke wanted 400 euros for it but it got out of cage and was flying round the show room.
  4. Kids freedom

    Just too let you know, the worries never stop, just get worse as they get older. Then the grandchildren come along and it seems even more worrying than before.
  5. Cannabis oil

    Its one of the best muscle relaxants available, shame its illegal, it could be helping so many more people. Ive found the stronger the better. Edited to add never tried the oil
  6. Myth or not

    A livener for a greyhound before a race was done years ago to get the dog in the right frame of mind. It would not surprise me if the low life c**ts that are into dog fighting are doing similar with people's much loved pets. But in this case, as someone has already said, dog fight in a puppy farm.
  7. Reminder of the wheaton x mentality

    Ive had problems in the past with people jogging or cycling with dogs, can make some at bit aggressive.
  8. whats the best food for lurchers

    Orijen red or fish, with cooked chicken or beef mince. Winter time orijen with raw beef mince.
  9. Better safe than sorry, some places just ant worth the risk. I have always risk my liberty/health and sanity, but never the dogs.
  10. BANNED ..

    The trouble is that the far left, are educating our kids in schools and colleges/university's. The results are snowflake kids/teenagers that haven't a clue.
  11. Dogs eye

    I would get it to the Vets soon as especially as its just appeared, could be infection or fluid.
  12. Hopeful Hybrid Pair

    If you use a white hen canary with your goldies, she will have blue/grey mules. If you use a red eye your get white mules. Good luck for the coming season.
  13. Big Cat Sighting

    If or when a clear picture does ever come about, I would think a good few major tabloids, would pay a very large sum, to have it on there front pages.
  14. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Someone beginning in R.
  15. Whippet v lurcher

    Yes. depends on times between runs but yes why not.