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  1. Burglary. Charged for murder

    He was wanted for burglary, of an old fella, also in his late 70, so f**k him. Really got to be some kind of c**t to pray on the old vulnerable...
  2. YouTube alternatives

    Have a look at "shy society" they report on stuff that most dont wont you too see..
  3. Medical Cannabis

    Hopefully a good turnout
  4. Big Brother Is Watching You

    They was influenced by the local iman
  5. Hungry

    Your burning to many calories shitting outside, take a blanket...
  6. Speakers corner live

    Speakers corner has been there for hundreds of years for anyone too voice there opinion, without fear of violence or persecution. If you go there and say anything about the Koran, you will be savagely beaten by the Muslims, then arrested by the old bill. Many old regulars that have been going for years, that preach a different religion have been threatened, some even had visits from old bill telling them there life is in danger if they returned to S C . This is the reason the couple were coming to the U.K, to voice there opinion on Islam. The police for fear of upsetting the now dominate Muslim presence at S C put a stop too it. But because of what I saw on Sunday, I think that is about to change, and hopefully more people will start standing up for free speech, and against a backward religion thats slowly destroying this country..
  7. Speakers corner

  8. Speakers corner

    I will be going even if I have to start walking on Saturday...
  9. Speakers corner

    It needs a good turnout, so it goes ahead, so if you agree in what his saying and what he stands for, you should be there at all costs.....
  10. Speakers corner

    Any one going sunday, cant see it happening, ( tommie Robinson) doing a speech, for a couple that were band from entering UK..
  11. Britain First leaders jailed

    I hope he gets out of prison alive, the other poor sod who dropped a bacon sandwich out side a place of worship got murdered in prison...
  12. The Russians

    Its not just the Russians, Israel has been sending out death squads since the war, only a fraction get mentioned when a body is found, most just vanish.
  13. Minced chicken

    If you think your dogs diet, is lacking in all the important vitamins and minerals needed for a working dog, (and do not wont to use a good biscuit) just add some sf50.
  14. Congratulations Tom Daley

    Who going to do the mum run on sports day.....
  15. Dog found