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  1. Concrete Slab

    The kennel is for this Beast
  2. Concrete Slab

    3 in one" kennel, summerhouse and shed..
  3. Weed ;)

    Yes mate .5 or less if thats how you like it. Theres a little valve that allows you to toke as much as you like, as often as you like.
  4. Weed ;)

    Ive tried a few of the vap pen things and they were s##t For indoors you will find the volcano vaporizer perfect, you fill what looks like a large balloon, that can last 5 minutes or all night.
  5. River Erbo

    Went twice a year at least, many years ago, always stayed with the Bavarian camp,as they were the only ones there when we first starting going, went for the carp in February, as it was the only place in Europe, worm enough, for feeding carp, and not many if any was fishing there for carp at the time, the best at that time (more than 15 years ago) was low to mid 30s, ive heard they are upper 50s now. The cats we found the best time for weights was Sept/ Oct, but for runs, early June after they have spawned and are getting on it again, the best cat we had was 162lb which was quite big at the time. The best swim we found for the cats was beside the bridge where the two rivers meet, right in the corner going out to about the fourth leg of the bridge, and the best bait by far was eels, but I think are band now. The carp we found responded to heavy baiting but will f##k off as soon as the baits gone. If you get the chance go alone the Ebro in a boat it gets quite narrow (possable to night fish without getting cought) and if you go far enough your find a church steeple sticking out the river.