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  1. Canon Eos 1100D Advice

    cheers will keep an eye out
  2. Canon Eos 1100D Advice

    yeah i will do ta i think i read that somewhere aswell, and cheers paulus ill get muver to keep an eye out
  3. Advice With My 2 Young Dogs

    but its not fair on the baby to get rid of her dog, u might be able to do that but none of us are
  4. Canon Eos 1100D Advice

    yeah ta im starting to save up so i can get a few little extra goodies and at the end of the month i am going to order a tripod off of ebay. and ta i will remember that
  5. Advice With My 2 Young Dogs

    nia is 8 in April her and bill are both 06 yeah the only problem with getting rid of the pup is who is gonna want a 2 year ld dog that hasnt even had a catch so she could only go as a pet at a shove cause she dont get along with cats and can be funny with other dogs and panda is amelias so its not our place to get rid of her
  6. Advice With My 2 Young Dogs

    yeah that was something that has been suggested. the bitch who has had a bit of work is soon to be going to live with my niece and sister in law once they get a house sorted so it will be easier to concentrate on my bitch, now that i am taking them out for a run more consistently they are getting much better and they are starting to improve so hopefully the only way is up, i have also been using a long rope with them both and they are coming straight back with that and are retrieving off lead in the garden. i asked my dad about her going as a pet but he said that i just need to be more patient with her as she might just be slow to mature but he has liked her ever since they were about 3-4 days old and has said right from the begging that she will make a lovely bitch. this probably wont help with her behavior but it might, as anyone who reads this might then get a bit of a better understanding of her, she is about 25-26tts, very lightly built, she is quick off of the mark like her mother but also has her dads large strides and cant half get some speed behind her, she is atrocious at turning, likes to swim and is terrified of loud noises ( eg: fireworks) she might end up being a knacker but i hope she doesn't as she is the first dog that is properly mine and the dogs in her litter that went to working homes are apparently fantastic. this is the 2 bitches together dip is the less experienced bitch on the left and panda is the bitch with some experience on the right
  7. Canon Eos 1100D Advice

    Ok thanks hopefully i can start to improve my photos then
  8. Canon Eos 1100D Advice

    thanks it looks like a good lens best start saving my pocket money
  9. Canon Eos 1100D Advice

    thanks, i definitely will look them up, I've had a little play as well but am not 100% with it yet but still haven't watched the dvd like my mum told me to, but got a few pics that i like, although their not very good still need to get used to it a bit but it's all a learning curb i suppose 0
  10. Advice With My 2 Young Dogs

    we have 4 dogs that are crated in the porch which are an 8 year old bitch (mum),an 8 year old dog (dad) and 2 bitches out of that litter and we also have an old retired dog that is kenneled as he isn't a fan of the other dog
  11. Canon Eos 1100D Advice

    i got a canon eos 1100d with a 18-55mm lens and was wondering what zoom lens would be best for long distance photography and if any one knows of any where decent that i can buy lenses at a decent price or if anyone has any for sale etc. thanks
  12. Advice With My 2 Young Dogs

    ok ta
  13. Advice With My 2 Young Dogs

    yeah the only problem with the bucket of water is they are crated in pairs so it wouldnt be fair on the other dog and they are also inside n pand hasnt got a problem with howling it iust dip when i try to take pand on her own
  14. Advice With My 2 Young Dogs

    thanks, i am trying to be a bit stricter and less of a pushover and they are getting better but they are still a complete nuisance when it comes to retrieving i have tried doing 1 to 1 with them but the only problem is that the bitch who was mine from the beginning if she sees me take one of the other dogs she puts her head back and starts howling at the top of her lungs and i have tried them with citrus collars different brands of electric shock collar as well as an old fashioned rolled up newspaper but nothing works with the idiot and my dad is threatening to get rid of her if she keeps it up
  15. Newbie Devon

    a couple of my dads mates have been saying that to me but i would like both colour and working ability bit greedy me