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  1. Free tidy up

    Good on you for getting out and tidying the place up. A lot of people’s idea of taking action to improve the situation would have been to get a bit indignant about the local council on facebook. Waste of time as the councils are all skint. Takes a certain type of person to say fcuk it and step up and just get the job done. Well played mucker 👍🏻
  2. Last Of A Species

    Nah. Mother nature will sort the imbalance out eventually.., famine, disease etc. brought about by changing climate, and maybe a giant asteroid or two 😀
  3. Last Of A Species

    As sure as night follows day, our time as a species on this planet will end.., but history teaches us that life on earth will go on. Our ‘greed’ may well be our demise, but it’s also a trait that brought us this far in the first place.
  4. Last Of A Species

  5. Deep fried pizza!

    A bit of deep fried negative stereotyping there. I’ve lived here all my days and don’t know a single person who’s even tried a deep fried Mars bar. And I’m sure Elvis was deep frying all sorts of shit long before us Scots. Britain’s now known as the fat man of Europe..., and although the Scots have a piss poor diet, some of you fat English c**ts want to have a look in the mirror before casting aspersions 😉
  6. Deep fried pizza!

    Anyone selling deep fried pizza should be jailed. We jail drug dealers who peddle shit a lot less harmful. Edited to say..., and selling deep fried pizza in batter should be a hanging offence 😀
  7. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Well done Ireland. Grand slam on St. Patricks day..., a few sore Irish nappers tomorrow 🍻
  8. To all the Paddys on here........

    I’ll be getting stuck into a few of these tonight..., just like almost every other Saturday night 👍🏻 Happy St. Paddy’s day if you’re into it..., happy Saturday if you’re not. Peace...
  9. Canal pike fishing

    Hopefully Brexit will thin the Poles out a bit and let the pike recover.
  10. What you listening to at the moment.

    In case you’ve forgotten, or never knew how good these fcukers were in their pomp. Yeah, yeah, yeah...
  11. RIP Threads

    Not sure about RIP threads but threads whinging about what other people want to post about are on the up. The site must surely have run out of material if it’s come to this. Maybe fire up another SAFC thread and fcuk the final nail in.
  12. Keep out of the black and into the red

    Hopefully St Peter will meet him at the pearly gates and say “now look at what you could’ve won”. RIP Jim..., always loved a bit of bully 🎯

    Still touring at 90! A different breed and probably the end of an era in British comedy culture. RIP
  14. Celtic

    Title race is on 😂
  15. Boxing At The Weekend...

    No it’s not. I bet Joshua v Fury has been one of the most hotly debated topics in THL history..., that’s the one we want to see. If AJ beats Parker then he’ll need the Wilder fight relatively quick to unify the belts. I’m not convinced that it’ll be made this year. The Fury fight would be a blockbuster and might even gross more than the unification. I seen Tyson on social media stating he’s about to announce some massive deal. Hopefully that means he’ll be back in the ring soon and in the frame for AJ when the time comes.