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  1. lost car keys

    My pal will get in literally any car with no damage at all.then he will take a reading from the ignition barrel ,cut key,plug in and code from special software. And away you go can lead to haveing to retumble locks as barrel are different to doors etc sometimes.oorrrrr if it is just a fob he can recode a fob and car to each other as long as the main dealer have released software to open market.if not main dealer only as said in earlier post
  2. lost car keys

    Haha you found me out there.almost sure that will have to be main dealer take all documents in logbook etc.they will order and have to code into the car.Might be cheaper and easier to lose the car and claim for that
  3. lost car keys

    You need an auto locksmith where in the world are you mate my pal is 1 in northeast if near.a also what car and year
  4. Dodgy Saluki Temperament.

    Not knocking mate just my opinion u crack on all the best with it
  5. Dodgy Saluki Temperament.

    Always better off with a pup in any dog.some salukis like a stroppy teen you need to no them and them you.don't get me wrong mine ain't perfect but I know what makes em tick and that's because I've had em since pups.pup is the way to go pal
  6. Hunting / Wild Life Tattoos

    How do you put pics up have a couple will put up if can do it off my phone cheers
  7. Warning

    Put the posts codes up of the area and we can have day and night k9 patrol's Keep an eye on those hares
  8. Floyd Vs Conner

    Is there any belt or just money at stake
  9. Jews

    Don't say much on here but WTF is that picture about
  10. Building Work Help

    Any chance of a couple pics mate be better to see and work out.how high the pillar and what it would be built on.don't mind helping u out.also we plasterers and could do with a busmans holiday ha
  11. Box Or Chest ?

    Ammo tin wrapped in clingfilm perfect for the job
  12. Old Dog Videos

    Be a nightmare untangaling all those leads!!!
  13. Wtf

    And that is why the game is FOOOOOKED!!!!!!
  14. Floyd Vs Conner

    What you lot think.head says Floyd but.........conner can have a fight
  15. Hi people after a pup or young dog/bitch 8 month or less if anything about.little moocher is all.Not after out and out grafter I HAVE THEM ,getting it for me dad who sick of sitting in PM if anybody knows of out please cheers