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  1. Alpha Dog Food

    What protein is it bud how big bags and how many you got pm if you want
  2. Show Us Your Pups

    Blue dog 27 in 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull,blue brindle dog 27"" tt bull x
  3. Show Us Your Pups

    My two 9 months and 12 months
  4. Air Arms S410

    Cheers pal
  5. Alfred Field .410 S/s

    Has it sold
  6. Air Arms S410

    Looking for a stock for one please any help
  7. Boon Hill Show - 12Th August

    I went pissed down first Lurcher class a joke to many dogs in ring I was waiting for bull class just f****d off
  8. L200 Canopy

    Looking for a canopy for my 2007 Mitsubishi l200 cheers
  9. Nissan X Trail For Sale

    Are they any good over fields mate thinking about one
  10. 06 Subaru Estate Needs Thrust Bearing

    How much cash
  11. Bull X Wheaton Xgreyhound

    Do perants work hard
  12. Bull X Wheaton Xgreyhound

    Looking for the right dog now mate she in season now but still need a young dog up to a year to bring on
  13. Bull X Wheaton Xgreyhound

    Here she is going out for a day
  14. Bull X Wheaton Xgreyhound

    8 now but still loves it
  15. Bull X Wheaton Xgreyhound

    I mate I never kept one back I am gutted I saw a couple at weekend there flying doing very well, I had a bull on at the time flying kill everything in front of him .3/4 bull 1/4 greyhound x3/4 greyhound X1/ 4 bull it was making some machine . Till it got weals disease,kidneys packed up pts . Gutted now only got old bitch left