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  1. Stud dog

    Splodge X Fettle Bitch

    Any of these stayers up for Stud? If so any pics breeding / prices let me know fellas
  2. Stud dog

    Show ?

    Any shows around Yorkshire bank holiday Monday?
  3. Stud dog

    Lurcher racing

    Back on end of this month check Highgate dog track Facebook page good crack last time we went up possibly see a few of you fellas there
  4. Stud dog

    Looking for a pup.

    Mate of mine as some pups ready to leave wednesday collie bull grey back to a collie bull grey sire to pups ive seen first hand does everything bitch ive only heard good thing never seen go. I know you said no bull in it but just a option mate if your wanting any more info pm me if not all best finding right pup mate
  5. Stud dog

    Lurcher racing

    You'll have to let me know if your making one lamper I'll get a brew an talk bollocks about how good my pot lickers are mate
  6. Stud dog

    Back in the game! 😎

    I would keep that thorn pup mate looks a good strong pup that
  7. Stud dog

    Lurcher racing

    It's normally in countrymans weekly bud an it's every month starts at 12 o'clock
  8. Stud dog

    Lurcher racing

    I am local bud was cancelled in end mate its going to be a regular thing once a month they was saying couple of old boys there Dave platt an Dave sleight Dave platt was going to run a few of his deerhound greyhound xs I'll defo get up next time it's on just to keep dogs ticking over
  9. Lurcher racing at Highgate dog track postcode S63 9AT tomorrow 2nd April starts 12 dinner I'll be there see what it's all about anyone else been before ?
  10. Stud dog

    Show us your Bull x

    Was this bitch offor a lad in Sunderland?
  11. Stud dog

    Next seasons runners

    Not best pic like he's keen enough an loves carrying stuff time will tell I sapose there's some terrific looking dogs to come on next season fellas all the very best with them
  12. Stud dog

    Next seasons runners

    Mine for next season wheaton x greyhound Beddy x greyhound last time I checked 22tts
  13. Stud dog

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    She is defo worth breeding been some bitch for me doing big numbers of bunny's at times and done other stuff when asked or we come across it coming to end of working life so think it's time before age gets the best of her
  14. Stud dog

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    She's collie whippet greyhound 25tts would love a pup out of her to right dog she's semi retired now had a lucky escape after hitting a fencepost not so long back think the times right to line her as come
  15. Stud dog

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    Anyou of these wheatonxs up for stud I've got a old steady bitch mainly used for rabbits but as done other stuff she's semi retired iam hopefully going to line her for a pup looking at a wheatonx or deerhoundx