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  1. 2x rat catcher xl


    • FOR SALE
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    2 rat catcher xls used a hand full of times £120 each


  2. 2x rat catcher xl

    2x rat catcher xl View Advert 2 rat catcher xls used a hand full of times £120 each Advertiser Stud dog Date 24/11/17 Price £120.00 Category Airguns  
  3. Breed Most Valued In A Lurcher

    Greyhound thats why its been used for so long an will still be used for years to come rest are added to suit its chosen work just my thoughts on things
  4. Litter Variation .....

    Size an colour different but would say simular shape to each other ever way fine looking dogs
  5. Whats In Him

    Wow plenty of cock measuring in this topic.
  6. What area are you mate pm if you like anyone looking for a pup my way i can always put them on to you
  7. first pic of the black dog is a belter ive just put my name on a patterdale pup our would have been coming to get him my old black bitch is getting on now couple more seasons an she be ready for lazy days an would save me breeding an having same probs trying to get good homes for pups credit to you mate look well looked after these pups. A.T.B. with homing
  8. no mates so ill be staying put
  9. Coursing Dogs Stolen Barnsley

    be careful who you mix with probs be someone closer then you think trust no one round my dogs glad you got her back.
  10. Bull/whip For Rabbiting/ferreting.

    I would go quarter bull mine is half cross an lacks abit of pace but great noise spot on with ferrets bushes like anything not saying all half crosses do just my bitch best of luck
  11. Farmers Shooting Dogs.

    Not got any perm never have had any. Shoot my dog then expect somthing back in return.
  12. Lamping Without A Slip

    I work my old dog without a slip when she is only dog there an ive never had a problem doing it this way as been said the dog is quicker off the mark this way good to hear iam not only one
  13. My Two Old Girls

    Its not a bad walk odd bit of game about gets dogs pumped up lot of hills so its a good bit of excercise for me aswell .
  14. My Two Old Girls

    Had a couple of hour walk knocked a few bunnys about decent weather nobody else about think i enjoyed it just as much as the dogs wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
  15. Saluki Pup Recovered Well !

    Just shows how hard these lurchers are good to see a happy ending