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  1. Old dog made a full recovery

    Had them out round the horses trying to get him used to stock take him past them most walks he's keen as mustard so really want to stock break him as soon as possible
  2. Old dog made a full recovery

    Thanks lads sire to pup was 26tts an dam was 22tts I though the terrier in him could bring the size down abit myself just never experienced this cross he's a lump of a dog and can't half put some grub away the old bitch as really surprised me
  3. Old dog made a full recovery

    The pup wheaton x greyhound Beddy x greyhound 4 an half months old 20tts what size do you guys recon it'll make ?
  4. Old dog made a full recovery

    Pic of the bitch an new pup
  5. Old dog is back in good health and running about like she's never been off lead before. I'vebeen given a pup off a good friend of mine to replace her when she's done for good probs get her out odd time now an again but she'll be best part of retired till I get the pup going then she can just tag on for walk when I go lamping. Just wanted to let the people know who commented on the post i put up i honestly thought the bitch was done just goes to show they can take more then we think thanks for reading
  6. 40th year

    Congratulations trev mate long may it continue for you an your pack mate keep at them bud
  7. Dog as been to vet had xray nothing broken thank god he saying it looks like it's just really badly bruised went to a bloke called Peter James near Bolton goldthorpe 20 mins from me he as practice his trade on greyhound an running dogs most his life. The bitch as come off her bed jogging down yard today looks ten times better still a little sore round neck area iam just going to keep her rested and doing what iam doing with her thanks for all comments and concerns
  8. Cheers lads don't think she needs a neck brace i probably have abit of a soft spot for her as she was my first dog back in the game after a very long time out so she probs make a few days time trips now an then but rest of time she'll be getting spoilt of missus and kids an taking all room up on sofa
  9. The pic are from last season she probably does have another season in her don't want to push my luck. I'll be looking for another lamping dog in the not to near future something to fill them boots of hers she probs come out day time now she's put more then her fare share away it's been a good 8 years steady bitch very loyal honest thing wouldn't mind another like her
  10. Few pics of the old girl thanks for reading
  11. Went out other night first field we come to the old girl oover fence up to a her favourite quarry an the chace began bitch done her usual trick an got hedge side of it turned it twice the rabbitwas under pressure the takes off straight towards me down the fence line in to full stride she goes the rabbit make a suddenturn an goes under the fence the bitch hits the fence post an stops dead in her tracks screaming laid on the floor in switched lamp off put one foot on bottom of fence the bitch is stood looking at me I went over lifted her back over checked her over nothing obviously damaged took her home as she was stiff checked on her next morning the bitch couldn't walk properly and had her head lent to one side I gave her the full once over an check everything the bitch never made a sound or gave any signs of pain until I touched her neck I gave pain killers and massaged her neck for 20 mins an the bitch seemed to be feeling more at ease. I repeated this massage again an today the bitch came out of her pen bouncing about. she is about 8 years old now and iam taking it upon myself to retire the bitch she's been a hell of a bitch an surprised me on more then one occasion been brilliant with the family and around the kids nothing special this bitch just a honest lurcher happy retirement. STAR
  12. 2x rat catcher xl


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    2 rat catcher xls used a hand full of times £120 each