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  1. .357shooter


    did see one earlier in the week,flew over cheltenham at 7.15pm.makes me think back to how great britain once was
  2. .357shooter

    New MOT rules !!

    it is just another tax.the government need to raise a lot of money for when we leave the eu.looks like my old banger will get me 3 points
  3. .357shooter


    had one of the first mountain bikes in the late 80,s used it to cycle to the train station to get to college in the next town.came back one afternoon and some *unt had nicked it.only upside was the fact that the early ones had a fault with the front forkes that snapped under hard braking so hopefull that happened to whoever ended up with it
  4. .357shooter

    Browning maxus

    had a new one a few years back could not fault it.never jammed or failed to cycle 28gm .just got bored with picking up the carts
  5. .357shooter

    FAC Inbound, time to shop

    i bought a weatherby instead os zee german rifle.it is the same gun apart from having better wood and i nicer trigger guard
  6. .357shooter

    Hw 100 pellet choice

    my little ktl likes jsb diabolo exact 8.44gr
  7. .357shooter


    during the week it is 7-8hours but more like 8 and a bit at the weekends.do not do well on less than 7 though
  8. .357shooter

    car crash advice please

    police were not called as nobody was hurt.as for the *unt who hit me he has said it was my fault for being on the correct side of the road and not giving way to him.complete lying asshole.phoned insurance up again today and might aswell have spoken to a fecking martian.we are going for a 50/50 is all i can get out of them no matter how much i tell them it was not my fault and i will not accept any responsability.shame i can not have a lie detector test done to prove that the wanker that hit me was 100% at fault.
  9. .357shooter

    Ch5 Ben nevis

    did manage to get to the top many years ago.only took the footpath though so no climbing involved.been up snowdon too just need to up the highest peak in the uk to have done all 3.
  10. .357shooter

    looks very interesting

    i think there might be a better option out there somewhere.just think how quick and easy it woul be to cock a air rifle once and have 12ft/lbs.sure that would catch on
  11. .357shooter

    got a semi

    well the last mod to be done was the trigger.went to the shop and they had an ar unit for £150 but said it was not worth it.a good one costs £300 so that was declined and it is now with the gunsmith who is going to polish and lighten it a bit.just waiting to get it back to try it
  12. .357shooter

    car crash advice please

    as with most things these days it seems to matter not that you do the right thing.they want me to lie and say it was 50% my fault when i was the one who got hit head on on my side of the road.you would expect to gat back to the same position you where in before the accident not £2500 down and now have to drive an old banger as that is all i could afford.nice position to be in to get paid to do a job and do feck all.could i go through the small claims cout to at least put the asshole out a bit who has cost me so much ?
  13. .357shooter

    car crash advice please

    well on the 1st of march whilst going home from work i was hit head on by some muppet on the wrong side of the road.my car was written of i was payed less than current value and have had to buy a new car,tax plus insure it.so far things have been total shite.my insurance firm have done feck all and are now saying it was nock for nock.to say i am pissed off is an understatement.after wasting a couple of days tring to sort everything out i thought that was what your insurance was supposed to do.do we not drive on the left hand side of the road anymore.me in the correct lane seems to stand for nothing.everytime i phone them all i get is you can not prove it sir.so it seems that you average law abbiding motorist gets shafted but some people make a living out of bogus insurance claims and that is ok.luckily only my 2nd accident in 12 years so its not like a drive like a complete asshole and am i high risk ffs.is there anything i can do as i do not see why i am having to accept this ?
  14. .357shooter

    Favourite TV shows and Films?

    just a couple of films hitman snatch jurrassic park dirty harry matrix trainspotting blade runner drive no country for old men the hangover underworld alien jaws terminator
  15. .357shooter

    got a semi

    after owning the little semi for a while i can now say that it is a reliable accurate fun little rifle.no problems aparts from being thirsty(1500 rounds so far).only drawback is that you can mod the thing as much as a 10/22.so far i have the magpull rear stock,magpull grip,magpull front angled grip and now i have just had the free floating 12" rail put on.next mod on the list i think will be an upgraded trigger unit