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  1. long story short i bought a timney trigger from a certain gunshop in wilthshire and the part failed.the instore gunsmith checked it and agreed the parts was faulty.4months at least later and numerous visits and phone calls and even an email and no reply.everytime i phone i get sorry do not know anything and i will phone you back.no reply from the shop full stop.next step please as i do not want anything to do with them
  2. Dove Advert Racist?

    as allways those who shout the loudest get the most.should be told to shut the feck up
  3. Local Cinema

    looking to watch the new blade runner so all i need is the price for a ticket to watch it today in 3d.can i find it on the site.can i feck.loads of pages of bollox but no sign of how much it costs .do you think that if people really new the cost in advance they would not go or is that just the cynical old git in me.last thing 2.45 hours long is taking the piss too allways need to take a piss and miss usually the most important part of the film.they could make 2 films and would have to spend less on production of the next one to come out.
  4. 10 Shot Magazine

    the product is not worth the cost.if it actually lasted it would be worth the money.will wait for my usual supplier to get one in.
  5. 10 Shot Magazine

    looking for one online for my weatherby and my usual supplier is out of stock but the cost is £55 approx.looking on the net the prices are £61-£70 .now just a quick check over the pond and the yanks are paying about £48 for the same thing.looks like i will be sticking to my 5shot for now as things are taking the piss
  6. Spitfire

    thanks for the vulcan link,just started to think back when that was built how great our country was back then.things have really gone to shit
  7. Petition To Leave The Eu Immediately

    done.if only we had a vote to leave the eu allready.with a remainer in the top job we have been shafted yet again
  8. London Underground Station Explosion

    just remember a hate crime is worse than an actual crime.the idiots in charge are now getting worried that people are waking up to the fact that things need to change and are clamping down on anyone saying anything that might open the eyes of the sheeple.
  9. .223 40Gr Vmax With N130

    i should have bought a tikka but as they did not have one in the shop when my ticket came back and i was done waiting i took the only .223 they had in the shop.big mistake buying the rem 700
  10. .223 40Gr Vmax With N130

    nothing wrong with the last group.what rifle have you got ?.and what distance ?
  11. Kirsty Gallacher,sky Sports

    used to think a lot of her but she must be thick as shit to do this
  12. Wayne Rooney

    not very funny if some idiot killed someone whilst drink driving.shrek should be locked up
  13. Imagine This Now.

    what do i think.for one what did they all die for.our way of life is slipping away every day.germany is in charge of the eu who are blackmailing our country into signing away all of our ace cards in the negotiations.we are fecked as you can now see from all of the threats plus actions that have been taken against english buisiness.also look at freedom of speach,you can now not say anything you like about the muslims who are taking over this country.between the two we are lost
  14. H Kranks

    sorry if this is not the done thing but have to say about the great service.ordered 2 box of 158gn rnfp,s.took 1.5 days to recieve goods and the postage was £4.saved me 1.5hrs travel time and £10 of fuel
  15. Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    sorry to say but things are going to get a lot worse as our leaders are hell bent on destroying our way of life.just think how bad things have got in the last 5-10 years.mass immigration,total loss of all common sense and the germans telling us how to run our own country,our leaders having no backbone to protect our way of life.