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  1. Wildfowling Jacket For Next Season?????

    Hi i'm looking for a warm,waterproof and breathable wildfowling jacket that i can use for next season.Anything under £200 is what I'm looking for.Can any of you guys give me your opinions. cheers, Jack
  2. Hi just wondering what the best max4 camo chest waders would be for wildfowling. Also they will have to be in the uk
  3. Hi just wondering what the best max 4 chest waders are for wildfowling.
  4. Hi just wondering about the shotgun for geese shooting please could any of you give me you opinions on this because I just starting out Thanks
  5. Semi Auto Shotgun For Geese Shooting

    just wondering ,does he do any geese shooting in Lancashire
  6. Semi Auto Shotgun For Geese Shooting

    Cheers,well im 14 years old and my parents said when I 16 years old I might get a shotgun so do my research now
  7. Duck & Goose (Seasonal Soon)

    Hi, I'm hopefully going to start geese shooting and was just wonder what semi auto shotgun you use and what you would recommend for me. Nothing over £700 and I don't have a FAC.
  8. Semi Auto Shotgun For Geese Shooting

    Hi, I'm looking for a semi auto shotgun to go geese shooting. This will be my first shotgun and only want to spend £600 or less. Also I don't have a FAC so it has got to be chambered 3 shotgun. I would like the shotgun to be in camouflage.