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  1. Grown Up.

  2. My Pack

    Lol nice
  3. Khan V Callazo

    Am I on wrong site?lol
  4. They are 2 powerful looking pups you got there mate, what's breeding and how old ?
  5. Mine and me mates. litter Bro and Sis 4 1/2 mnths old
  6. Eating S**t??

    Me mates pups been eating it crap any idea why? shes fed good food an eats well anyone had same problem shes 4month old
  7. 4 Month Old Looking And Doing Well

    16 1/2 at min pal and growing, makes you laugh watching him running trying to catch up with other two, his back legs are bout cm taller than front what about yours?
  8. 4 Month Old Looking And Doing Well

    How's your pup comin on Sweeney?
  9. 4 Month Old Looking And Doing Well

    His eyes are still blue thought they change at 12 wks???