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  1. The show will be held on 13th May this is the 50th anniversary of the club a lot of us weren't even born when the club was formed an the same men that started it are still running it to this day what an achievement, so it would be nice to see the fields fulls of people to show some appreciation of all the hard work these old school man have put in, hope to see yous there atb.
  2. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Alright mate yeah he's the litter brother to this bitch I was lucky enough to be up there with him for his first dig at 12 month's old an he hadn't looked back since, wish I had a bit more notice you were coming over I would of sorted a day out, or if you'e got plans of coming over in the future give me abit notice and al sort a weekends worth of digging out.
  3. Show Us Your White Dog's

    .She should have abit more filling out to do yet mate but she' been impressive the last 2 times to ground, that' vinny in the back round just lined a bitch with him an waiting for another one to break down he' getting more action than me laterly the little shit😂
  4. Show Us Your White Dog's

    18 months old had 5 digs with her since she started at Xmas time should have a canny time with her next season if she keeps it up
  5. Anyone wanting a dog Transporting or any other kind of animal there's a company called highflyers an they pick up from the door an deliver to the door, used them the other week and everything went smoothly atb
  6. 2 pice spade of full spade

    Canny job but ad prefer it with the point of the shovel more rounded off.
  7. Just wondering if any lads are travelling down that way any time soon to take a dog down for me good drink in it for anyone that is thanks
  8. Sharptooth fork

    Just received my new one today in he post, looking forward to Sunday so I can test her out.
  9. Duggan Russell's

    R, duggens pepper is the grandsire to my bitch she's 8 now an still going strong, cracking little bitch hope her daughter turns out the same as her.
  10. We are out tomorrow so hope to hit the new year running, should do its a decent enough spot.
  11. A great gesture

    There's only a few been dished out up to now an that will be it until we have our terrier meeting in April as they want to make sure there's enough for all members but they should be some left over for anyone who wants them atb.