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  1. Man Sheds

    There was a thread the other year but can not be arsed to look for it, So i thought i would start another one. heres mine at the minute but will be extending it again as soon as i get the time.
  2. For The Mechanics On Here

    just change the rear shocks.springs. bushes and anti roll bar bushes on a golf 4 motion, parts alone were £180
  3. Trump

    I see someone likes stealing comments off Facebook i posted it on fb ffs
  4. Trump

    It was that quiet in the Clinton camp this morning, You could hear an email being deleted............
  5. New Toy

    your girlfriends
  6. New Toy

  7. New Toy

    The completed Beamish and the next project, a little Aprillia pegaso 125
  8. New Toy

    another new toy
  9. Drones

    no drone, no problem.
  10. Keith Vaz

  11. Clas Ohlson

    LIDL £19.99 with a lazer cutting guide,
  12. Metacam

    Metacalm' Loxicom ' or meloxicam " the human equivalent" all none steroidal anti inflammatory, prescribed to a lot of people who suffer from arthritis. Hint,Hint.
  13. Of Dogs And Deer

    same here, he`s been on here about as long as me and nobody has ever got nicked, so copper or not, i don`t see the problem. but he is still a posing cnut
  14. Sky

    How do you get on streaming any live stuff like footy on kodi, I had fibre broadband because I was told the buffering would stop , but to be honest its made no difference when trying to watch live stuff ? You shouldn't be getting any buffering with fibre. I can stream fine with a normal 8 Meg connection. Something don't sound right there.. enable Zero buffering.