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  1. Clothes

    I've bored the fcuk out of my mrs with this subject, so now it's your turn.... How hard is it to buy quality these days? Unless you spend an arm & a leg.......& then it's not guaranteed. It has to be about outsourcing & greedy manufacturers, but fcuk me a pair of levis used to last several years, now I'm lucky if I get a year of regular use out of a pair of levis, while price goes up. I've tried other supposedly quality brands & the same. Fcuk knows how many pairs I've gone through in the last 5 years?? I've always tried to spend decent money on cloths & in the past it has to paid off, buts it's getting harder by the year. In recent years I've spent good money on what I thought was quality, jackets, jeans & shoes only for them to fail in no time. A €350 jacket. Popper button fell off day one. Jeans lasting less than a year. Boots fcuked in 18 months. Buttons coming off all sorts etc etc & this is just normal use, not out in the field! I got all excited about a swedish outdoor brand here. Bought a fleece type jacket that was a really good dry day jacket. Using it for digging & walking the dog etc & zipper fcuked in months, I've got coats I've had nearly twenty years & the zippers are still working! I looked into it & fcuk all is made in Sweden anymore, all outsourced, price has gone up & quality gone down. People buying 800 quid jackets & buttons are falling off as you get them out of the bag! The best things I've bought in the last year or so have been expensive, but I know they are not outsourced, just top quality gear that will last years. It's a fcuking minefield buying cloths now. Anyone else finding that?
  2. Scat identification

    Looks like we'll have to wait for the lab results.......
  3. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Sorry mate. I'll try again. This years it's been a clutch of kestrels I've watched from my house all summer.......
  4. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    My first choice, but not poetic enough.....
  5. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Unicorns jousting at dawn deep in the Sonian forest.........
  6. Clothes

    Bloody hell I'm slow!
  7. Dumb down for kids?

    I've just received the original series of Wind in the Willows on DVD for my kids. I've been looking forward to this, as I was a fan as a child & I put it on for an hour this morning for my kids before we went out. Fcuk me!!!! What the fcuk has happened to kids TV??? When did we decide we had to talk to young kids like fcuking idiots while dressed in all the colours of the rainbow? First thing that struck me was the sophistication of the language used. Way above the station of the average adult fcukwit on the street & this is aimed at young kids don't forget! They even brought Latin into one episode! It's really brought it home to me that today's kids tv is mostly retarded nonsense. I haven't allowed my boy to watch children's TV until recent months. He is 4 & half. I'm not sure of I'm right or wrong, but going by what I have seen him watch & todays viewing of classic british children's TV, I think I was right. This boy speaks 3 languages with perfect accent in each, interchanged through a conversation? do we really need to talk to kids in such a retarded way?? I googled 'Take hart' the other day. Tony hart was talkng to kids like adults about art. No patronising bollocks. What's changed? I thought we were supposed to have moved on? Your thoughts?
  8. Scat identification

    I can talk shit with the best of them
  9. Scat identification

    I said it first, I said it first!! what's my prize??
  10. Scat identification

    Look more bird like with the white in there, goose?
  11. A message from Gnasher.

    I like the way the 'mooch' keeps creeping back..... Most folk would of changed their user name by now or hung up their forum boots. I think he's enjoying his moment....
  12. A message from Gnasher.

    This thread has the basis for a great psychology paper......
  13. Rip Rodney Bewes

    It's been changed mate, now I look like the cnut! I enjoyed the likely lads as well. Great characters....
  14. Rip Rodney Bewes

    Rodney Bewes mate...
  15. Clothes

    Really? If you can't say it on here, pm me, because I haven't got a clue who you mean?
  16. Clothes

    Yes mate. I can't recommend them enough.......
  17. Clothes

    Red Wing Shoes
  18. A message from Gnasher.

    The fallout would be massive. Arguments raging for years born out of bitter jealousy & unfathomable adulation.......... "Know it all cnut!" "Gun nut" "yeah, but I bet you wouldn't argue quantum physics to his face though?" "I shared a pm with him once & he never even tried to make me feel stupid. He didn't have to do that" "So what happened to him" "I heard he moved to the land of the free, now doing 20 years in maximum security for shooting a neighbour that was brandishing a water pistol!"
  19. Clothes

    I was the same, but I got a bit ruthless over several house moves in recent years & kind of left myself short. Suddenly priorities change to your kids & next thing you know you're wearing the same pair of shoes everyday throughout the winter!
  20. Clothes

    You've obviously alternated several pairs of footwear over the years? I used to do the same & stuff lasted a lot longer, but gradually I allowed the collection to dwindle. My current daily footwear. I've spent more on these than any other pair, but you resole these, not give up on them....
  21. Clothes

    I bought 2 pairs at the same time once. Slightly different. Between them they lasted an age!
  22. A message from Gnasher.

    It is funny & kind of interesting, but at the same time unsurprising & predictable. Hence the cabin fever reference. Same folk, week in week out airing the same type of views on the same subjects, myself included. If the 'mooch' slivers out, you know who will react with what & when & so on....... You know where you are, that's for sure......
  23. Clothes

    Every thread without fail. I'm relentless. White man hating, self hating apologist!!! Fcuking shameless!
  24. Interesting Daily mail article on ancient dogs

    I was taking the piss mate You don't often associate the Daily Mail & interesting?
  25. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    You also have to take into account the perceived struggle? Did they just look awkward? Like maybe 3 guys might clearing up a big dog on a Monday morning & their hearts are really not in it? But you know I'm an optimist on this subject......