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  1. New Perm.

    Ha yeah take what you like!
  2. New Perm.

    Ill stull give you a shout, the 10-15 yrds is more your range lol. One of the two sites has no greenhouses, you can stick to that one lol.
  3. New Perm.

    Cheers Mark, I figure summer will be easier to tell for that, so many leaves and stuff on the ground at the mo, hard to find the poo piles. Even so, there are not many spots where you can see 30 yards unadulterated. Plus on the night, the rabbits were in the veggies and you often only have 10-15 yrds vision unobstructed. Ahh but it is all fun eh!
  4. Batteries

    Will see how mine works, think it is a good one but time will tell.
  5. Batteries

    Walsh is, ANYTHING from China is probably fake lol. We will see how these go on. Pack of 4 so even if they are really only 2300mA Ive plenty to swap in haha.
  6. New Perm.

    So I got a call of some fella last week, asking if I would go look at his allotments. He runs two near where I live and they have lately seen a few rabbits around. I went down last Thursday in daylight to have a look. Tough spot with houses to one side and a major road to the other but he pointed out a few spots to look out for rabbits. There must be 200+ plots with loads of green houses and equipment around. I went back at night (he lives next to the allotment and I need to get him to unlock the place on a night. Spent a couple of hours up there, seen one on one allotment and took it at about 20 yrds, on the other allotment there was about 6-7 of which I took 2 before they ran off. 2 also sat in front of greenhouses so I left well alone knowing I didnt want smashed glass on my first night out. The allotments are busy and you can rarely see more than 10-20 yrds due to planting or boarders so its a different game. No way to lay up or even shoot off the pod. Still, 4 shots, 3 hits and 3 in the bag.
  7. Batteries

    Not sure about you lot but Ive found for the T6 lamps, the higher mA rating, the brighter the beam and the longer the battery power lasts. Ive been using 5200mA recently but saw these and thought Id try them. Not seen anything bigger than 9800mA!! Seemed legit until you read the spelling haha.
  8. Fao Jon Jon

    No more old sckool Jimmy! Looks canny like.
  9. Mitch You Can Keep The Hw110

    Yeah I read, 3D printed. Whatever next?
  10. Mitch You Can Keep The Hw110

    VM, let me know how you get on with them? Decent price considering how much the old 14 shot mags were...
  11. Mitch You Can Keep The Hw110

    Haha you just plonk that arse down anywhere, never bloody look lol
  12. Mitch You Can Keep The Hw110

    Decent mate. TBH I shot 5 pellets the other night, 4 to scope up and one from 30yrds to take the rabbit. But it feels quieter, weight is a good balance, all the good stuff that the 100 had. Only gripe is the 10 shot mag vs 14. And the mag is still a little stiff but I'm sure that will ease. I love the feel of the cover too.
  13. Mitch You Can Keep The Hw110

    DID NOT SEE MUCH OF IT LAST NIGHT ATVBJIMMY :thumbs: Haha ya old twat.
  14. Mitch You Can Keep The Hw110

    He knows I can shoot lol
  15. Mitch You Can Keep The Hw110

    And we went back to the cars not the cats