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  1. Honda Super Blackbird 1100Cc.

    That's exactly what I'm after but unfortunately in the process of moving house. So moneys tight now until after chrimbo. All the best with the sale she's sure a stunner
  2. Went Ratting.

    +1 I prefer it to any other form of shooting
  3. Hawke 3-9X50

    Glad you like it Darren. All the best mate
  4. Can't Decide On A Fox Calibre

    You can never have to much gun mate. Best thing I've found with the .22-250 is it's so forgiving. If for instance you under estimated the range of your target the 250 is so flat out to 300 yards it doesn't matter. At night it is extremely difficult to range a fox using lamp or night vision so for me it has to be the 250 all day
  5. Can't Decide On A Fox Calibre

    It's a little louder than a .223 mate. But with a decent silencer all you get is same as any other fast round. Just the muzzle crack and supersonic blast. I have a .243 that sounds exactly the same in my opinion. Send me a email address and I'll send you some pictures of devistation to be expected from the .22-250
  6. Can't Decide On A Fox Calibre

    I absolutely love my .22-250 and haven't had any complaints yet lol.
  7. Hawke 3-9X50

  8. Pistol Grip Shotties

    You wouldn't want to put some big slugs through it lol
  9. Pistol Grip Shotties

    1 big con - recoil lol
  10. Hawke 3-9X50

    Pics inbound matey
  11. Ppu's Or Hornday

    I'm lucky as my rifles love ppu
  12. Ppu's Or Hornday

    Yeah stick to 1 mate. I use ppu fmj to get my rifles on paper then fine zero with my chosen load. This new Ruger M77 doesn't like Hornady unfortunately so I use Norma to great effect.
  13. Scope For My Rimmy

    As New Hawke 3-9x50 mil dot in original box etc £40 posted
  14. Variation Times

    That's it mate. Open ticket nice one
  15. Few Foxes

    Nice one. Just goes to show how effective night vision is. Keep up the good work. All the best Dan