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  1. A bit of cover

    Nice sort how's it bred mate
  2. Couple days on the moors

    Doesn't get much better then that Davey ,, great photos
  3. First taste of feather ....

    Pup did well, often a case of uncertainty when a pup turns its foot toward feather for the first time
  4. Rabbiter

    Kind words grompz,,cheers
  5. Rabbiter

    Cheers samurai
  6. Rabbiter

    Cheers but I've not measured her Harvey
  7. Rabbiter

    Cheers nothernlite
  8. Rabbiter

    Thanks darbo
  9. Rabbiter

  10. Rabbiter

    Very nice type I like he
  11. Rabbiter

    Thanks samurai
  12. Rabbiter

    Cheers chap She's lurcher x lurcher bred beddy collie grey type
  13. Rabbiter

    Some pictures of my youngster,,
  14. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    I like her a lot nice pictures
  15. Suffolk blue pastoral dog info

    Dorset blue, Welsh gray, Smithfield ect all some what relate to what we know today simply as the beardie