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  1. Crazy Lady!

    Shit hounds and shit houses
  2. Springer Pup Wanted

    My pals got a cracking litter on send me your number and I'll send you the pups pedigree, there 8 weeks this Friday he's in Halifax,
  3. Missing Lurcher Bitch

    I'm in Dalby forest Sunday I'll keep my eyes open pal,
  4. Stolen Saluki Uk

    I hope everything ends well, hope the scum get what they deserve makes me sick,
  5. Wheaten Cross

    Shaddy I really like the look of the dog in the pic,
  6. Is There Any Need?

    Yes that's what the vet. Said,
  7. My pups had its 8 and 10 week injections is there any need for one at 15 weeks or is this just a way for the vet to make more money?
  8. See you Friday thanks,
  9. Sorry pal all got new homes
  10. A pal spoke to you about a month ago you was selling jags terriers for 2750 euros, I don't think this is your kind of forum,
  11. My pal delivers up that way I'll ask him where,
  12. Bye bye hunting dogs europe