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  1. Thank you, now the knife is finished, just the silver pin still missing. Regards Nicolas
  2. Hello, for edc, whittling and desk knife I made this gents knife. Not 100% finished yet, as I need to do some fine tuning and the sterling silver pin in the handle. 88mm wharncliffe blade from 1.3505 silver soldered guard from 1.2510 11cm handle from warthog ivory with a mammoth spacer. I wanted to do the entire handle from ivory, but the warthog had a deep crack so I needed to insert the spacer to reach the desired 11cm. Regards Nicolas
  3. Hello, the owner wanted a Jäger knife with Scagel style ricasso and guard, so we took a nice one from the Dr. Lucie book of W.Scagel. Here the result 12cm drop point blade from 1.3505 12cm handle from brass, aluminium, fiber, copper and buffalo. Kind regards Nico
  4. spsurfer

    A tiny "Nicker"

    Thank you very much for these nice words!! One of my favorites is this one, but now I would make the guard a little longer or the handle as it's a little out of proportion I also like the walnut handle on this knife, but maybe my favorite will be this one, I want a steel guard, slim Bronze Spacer, sterling silver pin and actually I'm looking for a Mammut or warthog handle Regards Nicolas
  5. Hello, here I made a "Nicker" knife, these knives the bavarians use and carry in their leather pants The deer seems to be a fighter, as the stag had several deep marks and nicks on the outer curve. So I tried to conserve these and even let them show up on the ferrule, as the sambar structure, as well. 88mm blade from 1.3505 115mm handle ferrule from bronze. Kind regards Nicolas
  6. Thank you Sirs! This turkish walnut is really nice, not the easiest way to polish it, but I think it's worth the effort. Soon I'll make a similar one, but with Wharncliffe blade Regards Nicolas
  7. Freshly from my workshop, a very small "Wanderer" with only 75mm blade made from 1.3505. Silver soldered guard from nautical bronze, spacers from fiber, copper, buffalo and aluminium, handle from a nice piece of sambar stag. Pommel from bronze. Kind regards Nico
  8. spsurfer

    Hunting Cutlass

    Thank you! I hope, it will see some action Regards Nicolas
  9. spsurfer

    Hunting Cutlass

    Hello, I just finishid this job with a handrubbed satin finish 1000 grit. The sheatmaker made a nice sheath as well Regards Nicolas
  10. spsurfer

    Rustic meets elegance

    Thank you Sirs!! Yes, it took longer, but it was my fault as I had to repeat several details - this was the first one of this kind. First I glued the ring into a grove I made on the guard and later tryed to texturize it with a small hammer - it came loose again So I had to make it again, and again.. now it's rivited to the guard with 8 tiny copper pins and glued in place as well. The pommel first was made from iron but it didn't match exactly the hole I drilled, so today I had to take it off again and made the silver one.... Next time I know how to make it Kind regards Nicolas
  11. Hello, I just finished this gents knife, this time with another handle form. The guard from iron with a rivited copper ring to give a rustic contrast to the elegant handle. 84mm blade from 1.3505 Iron guard with copper Turkish walnut handle with london gunstock oil finish. Handle a 115mm Pommel from sterling silver Regards Nico
  12. spsurfer

    Chefs Special

    Stunning work!! Absolutely professional!
  13. spsurfer

    Big Hudson Bay

    That looks VERY VERY VERY NICE!!!!! Is there anyone who makes Harris Tweed Micarta? Regards Nicolas