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  1. Hello, just in time for a trip this weekend to the mountains here in spouthern spain, I finished (well, will finish them tomorrow) these two Wanderers. A Drop Point with sea cow spacers and a clip with micarta and marine bronze Both 90mm blades, the clip in 1.3505, the drop point in 1.2442 Tomorrow some more fine tuning. Regards Nicolas
  2. Red Stag Antler Opinel No8

    Very nice job!!! Reminds me to the spanish navajas! I'm impressed by this antler as it seems to have no pores, is it sambar stag or red deer? Kind regards Nicolas
  3. A Wanderer knife with mammoth

    Thank you very much Sirs!!! Tomorrow I'll make a pommel from an oval sterling silver plate and maybe make the guard a little narrower. Then I'll polish the blank part of the blade. Regards Nicolas
  4. Hello, yesterday I started on the handle of this knife to get it ready for the weekend in the mountains. I should have taken some more time as I put under the mammoth spacer two additional spacers by error :S Well, I'll get used to it 85mm blade from 4mm 52100 / 1.3505 solderd guard from marine bronze, spacers, mammoth, leather and sambar. Still need to touch up some spots on the handle and polish the blade. Regards Nicolas
  5. a Nessmuk knife

    Lignum vitae has some oil insede and is not easy to glue. Anyway, as I use only small spacers with loads of contact surfaces to other spacers and the tang, it would hold up very well. I prefer materials as stag, sambar, mammoth, micarta, buffalo, as these are not prone to split, or at least not as much as wood. Regards Nicolas
  6. a Nessmuk knife

    Hello, I think a 20h. Now it's nearly finished, just a final polishing and sanding with 1000 to get rid of reflexes so the colours will be better. Regards Nicolas
  7. Hello, these days I'm busy with this Nessmuk knife! 9cm blade from 4mm 52100, silver soldered guard from marine bronze, spacers from aluminium, fiber, copper and mammoth, sambar stag. Still needs loads of sanding and polishing, actually I'm glueing up the pommel from copper. Regards Nicolas
  8. Deer Antler

    Every antler is different, you'll never know the colour it will have at the end. Raindeer normally has a greyish tone, never saw it actually 100% white. Be carefull with polishing compounts as these can go into the tiny pores. Even black sanding paper can be difficult. If you want a white handle and don't want to repeat the job, try to bleach, as Guffalo mentioned. For a deep colour, soak in lineseed oil for some hours. Regards Nicolas
  9. Hunting Cutlass

    Hello, the basic grind is done, one day it could look like this Regards Nicolas
  10. Hunting Cutlass

    Hello, I don't use silver hard solder as used in jewlery, I use soft solder with a 6% of silver, (as Randall, Behring, etc, too) it will melt at 230ºC wich is right the annealing temperature of the steel (or even a little below). So this kind of soldering will not affect the steel, grain or temper. I protext the blade with a damp cloth so the thin edge, wich could get hotter, is protected. Regards Nicolas
  11. Hunting Cutlass

    Thank you Gruffalo! That's an impressive Bowie! I will solder the guard and screw down the pommel with an anchor to prevent stress on the tang. ...still waiting for the steel Regards Nicolas
  12. Hunting Cutlass

    Thank you Gruffalo! This is a long term project as I still need the steel (allready ordered) and a nice piece of sambar. I'll make two knives, one with 30cm blade from 1.2604 in 6,2mm and another one with 23cm blade from 1.2842 in 6,4mm (if I remember right). This is how I want the cutlass Regards Nicolas
  13. Hello, I allways liked the traditional german hunting cutlass, shell guard, sambar stag frog sheath. So I recently started on a traditional hunting cutlass, the steel is ordered but didn't arrive yet, so I started with the shell guard from 6mm wrought iron. Several hours of filing filing and more filing.. Here the filed shell, ready to be bent to a 90º heating up the guard... Here the finished shell, blued for testing Now I'm waiting for the steel... Regards Nicolas
  14. Thank you guys!!! It's hard to get sambar these days, I ordered several times in the USA or internet, but you never know, if the taper they send will be good for a knife. So I ordered some from a german knifemaker, expensive but 100% perfekt. The rest of this taper (still a 6-7cm) will make a good Scagel style handle for a smaller knife. The tips I use as a knife stand, like this one from Behringmade. Regards Nicolas
  15. Thank you my friends!!! Next time I'll use black buffalo insted of the micarta, as it has a warmer black and no texture. Regards Nicolas