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  1. A drop point Jäger

    Thank you very much, for your kind words! I really enjoy sharing my work with you, is there anything more satisfying than creating something with your hands that will maybe last for generations? I think I was wrong when I decided studying graphic design, I should have been learing for gunsmith or something similar Kind regards Nicolas
  2. Hello, today I finished this drop point Jäger with a 11,9cm blade from 1.3505 Solver soldered guard from brass, spacers from aluminium and micarta, sambar taper and the pommel from brass with a 7x57 FNT 1930 cartridge. Kind regards Nicolas
  3. Rusty steel?

    Yes, try it! Soak up in oil before.
  4. Rusty steel?

    I would use wd40 and a wire brush Drill bit.
  5. Big Hudson Bay

    Wow!!! Impressive big knife!! Reminds me of the Scagel full tang knives. I like the brass with copper rivets. You definitely should make more knives!! Regards Nicolas
  6. A gentsknife

    Hello, now after some more fine tuning, sanding the handle up to 1000 grit, polish, blueing the bronze... Regards Nicolas
  7. A gentsknife

    I get an edge with Lansky, get off the burr with a fine belgian wet stone and after hone it on a stropping leather. From than on, normally the leather is enough.
  8. A gentsknife

    Hello, several reasons: Easier to sharpen, estetics and soldering the guard is easier as I won't touch the edge with the flame and so maybe soften the steel. But at the end, I think it's more estetic reasons As I like when the ricasso has the same width as the ferrule under the guard. I once made a knife without this notch, the edge finishing directly on the guard - some hunters prefer this, as the blade can't get catched up. Nicolas
  9. Hello, I nearly finished this Herrenmesser. 85mm blade from 3mm 1.2442 11cm handle, 101gr. Soldered guard from marine bronze, Spacer from Alu, copper, mammoth, handle from buffalo horn. Still need to polish again the handle and it's finished! Regards Nicolas
  10. New knife project

    That looks good!! Reminds me to the Kephart knives! If you're doing everything by hand, I only can recomend to get to a good finish before heat treatment as this can be very frustrating to get out these scars from the base grind. If you have a belt sander, get a basic grind, harden and then finish with finer belts. Do you have an idea what kind of steel you used? Regards Nicolas
  11. Another drop point Wanderer

    Thank you Sirs, for your kind words!!! It all depends on the stag, this piece is really nice, but sometimes it's hard to find sambar stag that has the right curve for the blade. Rabid, I sent you a pm. Regards Nicolas
  12. Hello, I just finished this drop point Wanderer, this time with red micarta. 90mm blade from 1.2442 Brass guard Micarta Sambar handle 11,5cm weight - 128gr The pommel from brass with a 30-06 cartridge. Regards Nico
  13. And a very Merry Christmas to you Nicholas. Everything you do is beyond good which I think everyone on here enjoys. Do you not think that if I grovell low enough, you would gift me a blade as a Present. Lol. I'd gladly pay the postage. Lol. Em. Joking of course. Jok.

  14. Hello,

    thank you for your kind words towards my knives!

    This one will be sold for a 900,-€ plus a 100,-€ for a very ornated sheath.

    BUT, as I told in the forum, I spent most time on the ornated guard, ferrule and pommel.

    My normal, small knives go for about 400,-€ plus maybe a 20,-€ if you want mammoth ivory or other fancy things.

    I really don't care that much if I have to make a 10cm blade or a 20cm blade, so main difference are the fileworks on guard.

    The small knives handles are glued up, this will withstand every use and abuse a small knive can take, now the big ones have a screwed up pommel to a very sturdy thick tang (I think a 15mm x 6mm at the end, increasing towards the guard to about 30mm x 6mm) This is more work as well.

    If you're interested in a knife, don't hesitate to ask for price, I really enjoy even making drawings, even if at the end you decide not to order.

    A more economic version could be, same blade (better finish as now I have really fine belts) S guard with plain shell (not as ornated) and no shells at the cross guard.

    Normal ferrule, or maybe two, instead of the buffalo, as I don't like how it polishes.

    A plain sheath I can order for a 50-60,-€

    Kind regards and have a nice christmas!