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  1. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    were the bullx winners sorry mate ,
  2. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    some of the winners from yesterdays show , great day with some really good people .
  3. Crufts 2016

    My mate came second in the gundogs with the chesapeake ,and in all honesty its a cracking working dog aswell .
  4. More Pond Questions

    As most are saying its blanket weed , check the uv bulb is working and put the uv first before the water goes through the filters . may help .
  5. Dragonflies

    I thought my damselfly pics were good ,but these are superb . cracking shots well done getting them .
  6. Had a couple of nice photos while walking the local canal earlier ,Damsel flys laying eggs , male grabs the female by the head and flys her around while she tags the fertalised eggs to plants under the water .
  7. Boot Sale Find.

    Just out of curiosity ,the camera should be able to take 100,000 photos in its life time , to find out how many yours has taken upload a photo to here http://www.camerashuttercount.com/ and it will tell you .
  8. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    its in my diary ,see you there .
  9. Boot Sale Find.

    ive got two books here ,extended manuals for the 650d and 550d ,i bought them cheap in a book sale ,dont know how different the cameras are ,but if they are any good to you pm me your address and i will pop them in the post for you .
  10. Kids And Weight Training?

    c556 is spot on , at 14 body weight exercises and good diet is all he needs , I was taking my under 15s rugby team to a local cross fit gym , and the guy had worked out a session just for them , started with body weight exerccises and then slowly worked on lifting technique s with heavy balls and just weight bar . as he said proper lifting technique is safer and more important than what they can lift .
  11. Meat For Dogs Wanted In South Wales

    howells poultry. cwmgors , is the best place in South Wales .
  12. Flea Treatments

    My dogs have the worst flea infestation this year , never really had a problem before , frontlines not even working at the moment .
  13. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    Hounds , lurcher and terrier winners .
  14. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    I will bring the camera again ,Andy .
  15. Woman After A Holiday

    it all depends which way she goes when she gets home . If she regrets a stupid drunken act ,egged on by her mates , then so be it we all done daft stuff . if on the other hand she gets herself plastered all over the daily sport , gets a place on big brother and goes after publicity like it was 24 knobs , then she deserves all the shite she gets .