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  1. photoshop download

    did you download this yet ?? are you just downloading it to the external hard drive to save space on your main hard drive or running it off the external as well .
  2. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    were the bullx winners sorry mate ,
  3. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    some of the winners from yesterdays show , great day with some really good people .
  4. Crufts 2016

    My mate came second in the gundogs with the chesapeake ,and in all honesty its a cracking working dog aswell .
  5. More Pond Questions

    As most are saying its blanket weed , check the uv bulb is working and put the uv first before the water goes through the filters . may help .
  6. Dragonflies

    I thought my damselfly pics were good ,but these are superb . cracking shots well done getting them .
  7. Had a couple of nice photos while walking the local canal earlier ,Damsel flys laying eggs , male grabs the female by the head and flys her around while she tags the fertalised eggs to plants under the water .
  8. Boot Sale Find.

    Just out of curiosity ,the camera should be able to take 100,000 photos in its life time , to find out how many yours has taken upload a photo to here http://www.camerashuttercount.com/ and it will tell you .
  9. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    its in my diary ,see you there .
  10. Boot Sale Find.

    ive got two books here ,extended manuals for the 650d and 550d ,i bought them cheap in a book sale ,dont know how different the cameras are ,but if they are any good to you pm me your address and i will pop them in the post for you .
  11. Kids And Weight Training?

    c556 is spot on , at 14 body weight exercises and good diet is all he needs , I was taking my under 15s rugby team to a local cross fit gym , and the guy had worked out a session just for them , started with body weight exerccises and then slowly worked on lifting technique s with heavy balls and just weight bar . as he said proper lifting technique is safer and more important than what they can lift .
  12. Meat For Dogs Wanted In South Wales

    howells poultry. cwmgors , is the best place in South Wales .
  13. Flea Treatments

    My dogs have the worst flea infestation this year , never really had a problem before , frontlines not even working at the moment .
  14. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    Hounds , lurcher and terrier winners .
  15. Pelenna Valley Foxhounds

    I will bring the camera again ,Andy .