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  1. Cancer in lurchers??

    My old dog who passed this year at the age of 16 had his removed when he was 13 mate age is just a number as long as there healthy
  2. Quick mooch

    It's okay mate not to worry lol
  3. First blood for new catty

    Cheers mate
  4. First blood for new catty

    Cheers mate and GZK bands single 32-28mm
  5. Quick mooch

    I told you on my last post mate and she's a Beddy whippet x collie whippet grey but thrown to the whippet she's only 22tts
  6. First blood for new catty

    Second shot with it
  7. Quick mooch

    Few pics lads
  8. Couple of photos My bitch

    Cheers mate doing well with the lamp I had of you aswell and she's doing good for me even if the rabbits are thin on the ground. Atb merry xmas mate
  9. Couple of photos My bitch

    Mother was a beddy whippet father was meant be a collie whippet beddy whippet, she's 22tts and her brother is 27tts Lol
  10. Ferreting unexpected find

    That's what happens when you let someone else make it lol
  11. Couple of photos My bitch

    Ayup lads ain't been on here for a while, a few pics of my bitch
  12. Ferreting unexpected find

    Didn't catch anything lads rained all day, but had an unexpected find so had a tea break lol merry Xmas lads have a goodun all the best, ps it's the table and chairs not the jammy dodgers lol
  13. Best Lamp

    what's difference mate in them and the one I recently brought from you, and cracking lamp by the way ideal for a young lad like myself
  14. What Taper For Lead

    The forks are 30mm wide but will be able to use bigger because they are scalloped tips and I didnt want to double up because I'm shooting it ttf mate cheers bb
  15. What Taper For Lead

    Ayup lads recently brought a psbs catapult and I intend on shooting it ttf, I've got 25-20 singles on it at the moment and i shoot 10mm leads and the ammo seems too heavy for it what taper singles would you recommend me to use for 10mm leads Cheers Bb