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  1. Raiding Again

    Work of art
  2. Lead Ammo Moulds

    Buy a lee mould thet save cutting as it has a trimmer om it thwy make perfect lead balls
  3. Hares

    He mean some one will have , yeah I know few peoole who have
  4. Tubes

    Green dub dub , looped 2050 or looped 1745 mate
  5. Band Life

    Looped 1745 for 10-12mm lead max , 12mm is just about as heavy as they will go unless trojectory is shit
  6. Bows To Catapults

    Lovely catty mate !!!
  7. G10 Mule

    Now sold , not to anyone on here
  8. Yewth Catty

    A mule or a cup fork
  9. G10 Mule

    Cut some of flat bands mate smaller strips
  10. G10 Mule

    My uncle mate o have a load if your after some , brown orange ans tan , browm is 18mm orange is 14mm all have light surface scratches as this did , bit of 6x5 12quid posted mate its not mine but thats the price my uncle wants mate
  11. G10 Mule

    Off slingshot community but yeah I talk to toddy often hes seen it
  12. G10 Mule

    URL=http://s1298.photobucket.com/user/Ross_Fewster/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20150412_184256_zpsolnjzkqp.jpg.html][/url] Solid g10 mule I made , sanded to 1000 grit them buffed on a wheel This is not for sale ;) ;) ;) dont pm me
  13. Which?

    Stuff the revision that's what I say , these gcse's are doing my head in
  14. Good Day

    Just noticed one looks as tho it does , some one won't be happy
  15. Which?

    Heavy could be anything but I would say heaver bands start to use 11mm upwards lead balls