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  1. MIK

    NEW website

    You will like it up here plenty to go at
  2. MIK

    best age to start pups

    I’ve never heard of a dog being ruined by being held back ....!
  3. MIK

    NEW website

    Your mate starts with us in July...will be a good move for him and his family
  4. MIK


    Did he not used to box?
  5. MIK

    Deerhound / Greyhound

    I don’t own bitches stonewall
  6. MIK


    Some crakin very well made springers this week
  7. MIK

    Deerhound / Greyhound

    The old lad very much retired no fuks given about the beast from the east
  8. MIK


    Looks like being the year of the big springers some very well made fish being caught on the North Esk
  9. MIK

    Deerhound / Greyhound

    After looking at that pic I would give anything to have that dog again he certainly doesn’t look like that anymore ....he’s a broken old warrior lying in front of the fire enjoying a well deserved retirement.....it’s not easy watching dogs getting old
  10. MIK

    Deerhound / Greyhound

    Here’s an old pic of Sal 3/4 dh grey out of BDs stuff ....I knocked some amount of gear over with that bitch ....she was a decent honest bitch that loved her graft ....PTB s TRigger was put over her that produced Tigger he will be about 8-9 months in that pic ...This is the dog I strive to replicate what an animal and produced some very good stuff and everything we run now a days goes back to him with some tight breeding ....Razor was put over his daughter that produced some special animals and we are waiting for another bitch out of him out of a brother and sister mating Tigger x Rosie to be covered by a very decent bull cross hopefully this mix turns out well . I liked my deerhounds but adding that saluki type to the mix just gave you that little bit more and the lads that had the saluki stuff said adding the dh blood gave that little bit more ....the drive in these dogs is a bit special and you can give them some stick . its a pity there’s not a lot of pure deerhounds really being tested
  11. I’m not on this site very much these days but when I do have look I really enjoy having a look at your work
  12. MIK


    If that fish was taken on the fly it would be quite something
  13. MIK


    It’s basically you have spinning rods sometime 4 hanging out the boat with lures at different depths and the ghillie just steers the boat over the top of the lies hopeing a fish takes ....can only be done on big rivers like the Tay and is done a lot in Alaska .... only done it once about 10 years ago on Murthly beat which is above Glendelvine but only lasted 10 mins then told the ghillie to get the boat back very boring
  14. MIK

    NEW website

    There will be more drone shots as the season goes on and the pools fill with salmon we should get some pretty special shots of fish moving .