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  1. Fukc sake Telford now

    Another book soon to be published by a victim of CSE by pakistanti grooming gangs though in all honesty I have never read one or intend to.https://www.blinkpublishing.co.uk/just-a-child-pb.html
  2. Fukc sake Telford now

    This is what some parents were up against.https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2017/09/08/warning-on-rotherham-abuse-brothers-ignored-by-police/
  3. Fukc sake Telford now

    I agree in some cases their was a lack of good parenting though in certain cases in the Rotherham CSE they was a young girl who came from a decent hard working family and I was shocked when I found out who her father was the same father who was arrested and later made to go on a diversity course for getting his daughter away from these vermin that at the time were protected by labour councillors and the police hard to believe I know but that was the reality at the time when these Pakistani grooming gangs were at their peak and not forgetting the white English scum who dealt with this vermin in the drug business I hate these scumbags as well as all the other vermin involved.
  4. Fukc sake Telford now

    Its what they do best Francie try and divert attention away from the ethnic minoritys that have brought shame and ever lasting disgust to towns and citys across the UK its people with this mindsett that was part of the problem in my town of Rotherham in letting Pakistani heritage grooming gangs get away with their heinous crimes for so long.
  5. Grove and Rufford hunt convictions overturned

    Can some one send this link to our local rag the Rotherham Advertiser who have put up a readers poll asking if land owners should be allowed to let hunts on their land.https://l.(!64.56:886/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fview%2Cwentworth-landowners-blasted-for-allowing-hunt-with-dogs-to-use-their-land_25934.htm&h=ATMV2GDi6NGWNQ5ozuUO3zd4AypMRui0f4goBsMad9hQN5nq2XLyTnogL5U4qUVvd2YF3HMRHcLdkI6qG8VPj40NTDeZTCbGbDET9xPaYl0HhNeb5N6Vv_mAClQkziCQsJBNRg
  6. Fukc sake Telford now

    I honestly do not know mate .When Rotherham had the biggest protest its ever seen over its CSE scandal most folk could not be arsed to join the protest.
  7. Fukc sake Telford now

    Its whats become of society in genral the couldent care less attitude.
  8. Fukc sake Telford now

    Can we now exspect a labour M.P to tell these abused girls to keep their mouths shut for the sake of diversity.

    A British icon imho remember seeing him on stage nearly 50 years ago. R.I.P Sir Ken.
  10. Fukc sake Telford now

    Anybody seen this story on the news just seen the ITV news and anti terror police are investigating the letters that's been sent out called punish a muslim day.
  11. Fukc sake Telford now

    Trouble is those involved in the coverups are exsperts at covering their tracks the slimey b***%*d Roger (bent as a rats back)Stone the leader of R.M.B.C. When the Jay report was published and resigned straight away has not even had his O.B.E. revoked.This was his second in command at Rotherham council.
  12. Fukc sake Telford now

    Sad to say but if the population of Telford are anything like the people of Rotherham a very large percentage will not give two feks and be even daft enough to vote the same people in that turned a blind eye.
  13. Fukc sake Telford now

    I also believe that after the Jay report on Rotherham vital evidence in other councils will have been destroyed to protect certain individuals hence why no councillors or social workers or police have or will come before the courts in my home town.
  14. Fukc sake Telford now

    No prizes for guessing wich political party the council is under who's social service department turned a blind eye.
  15. Fukc sake Telford now

    Deja vu .