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  1. Rotherham Sex Abuse

    3 More dirty basterds jailed in my town despite the fekers lying through their teeth shocking as I thought muslims were not supposed to lie.https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/abuse-survivors-bravery-praised-as-three-are-jailed-for-15-offences/
  2. Smelly b*****ds. Disgusting

    Roma .Rotherham and Sheffield have the highest concentration of these people from Slovakia and Romania causing all sorts of problems so think your selfs lucky if you don't have these vermin in a town near you though tbf the main fault lies with our labour council who in the past went to these countrys and bribed them to come to Rotherham.
  3. Clothes

    Seen as I only shop for cloths at greenwoods with all the other miserable old c@nts I carnt complain about their clobber.lol
  4. What you listening to at the moment.

  5. What you listening to at the moment.

  6. Lest we forget

    Always remember my grandmother telling me about my greatgrandfather who on returning from the battle of the some with a bad shoulder injury who was then beaten up badly by two of earlfitzwilliams gamekeepers for poaching a few rabbits some time after made me realise some things never change.Those who have fought for their country but now find themselves on the streets is one that comes to mind.
  7. Spaniel X Running Dog

    Going on those I have seen and heard about the running dog side seems to have a steadying affect on the offspring though I would prefer one if the dame side of the breeding was the springer tbh some will argue their is no difference.
  8. Its just that years ago in the 70s and 80s their was always a ready market in the steel and coalmining area I live in when these industries were active and was a seasonal treat to lots of pitmen and steelworkers were you could always find willing buyers for pheasants.
  9. Justice for jihadis?

    It will be another issue for the loony left wing traitors to get all high and mighty for and another cause that distances them from any sane thinking person.
  10. are haix boots any good?

    They must be a popular boot going on the amount of them that comes through the distribution warehouse I work in .Theirs a woman on ebay sells second hand ones who I recommend after having just bought some altbergs for £35 notes that were in excellent condition.
  11. More than likely Trigger more shootdays so more birds produced though I find the younger generation I come across have never tasted game.
  12. As anybody done a survey as such on why this is happening when in the early 90s you could get £4 a brace and I remember selling partridges to a game dealer nr mexbrough in s.yorks for £3 a brace in the late 80s
  13. Lefty latch ons

    Justice for what tho all them lads arrested at Orgreave were all cleared of rioting its a waste of money.
  14. Lefty latch ons

    Nobody lost their life and to compare Hillsbrough to orgreave is fekin ludicros imho I admit their is a deciding factor that of SYP but come on to compare hillsbrough to orgreave .
  15. Lefty latch ons

    So why now have an inquirey at the cost to the taxpayer and by the way i was a striking miner who stuck the strike out for the full duration at a cost to me and my family.