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  1. Brexit Thread Redux

    Blackmailed by the fekin French again even though I despised Thatcher she wouldent have put up with half the shite this tory goverments putting up with.
  2. Carillion

    Its the subbys who will bear the brunt of this collapse ordinary working folks who have had the guts to go selfemployed will be fekin crucified like the poor fekers at city-link did 3 years ago.
  3. D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    Poachers on lord scarbroughs and being influenced by the labour council in not taking action so not to upset the ethnic minority.
  4. You've got to be shitting me ......

    Still no end of decent people that work for the council mate its the goons on inflated salarys and those self rightouse labour councillors that's the problem.
  5. You've got to be shitting me ......

    Wonder if the idiot running this department used to work for Rotherham social services.
  6. Energy drinks

    Me aswell mate it must have been some shit hot advertising to convince millions of perants back in the day it was some cure all cod liver oil was another my mother used to force me to have a spoonful every day.lol
  7. Energy drinks

    The only other people ive seen drink that who were not ill back in the day were the ireish navvys who worked on a big house building site in the late 70s.lol
  8. Few pics from this morning

    Gods country you lucky bugger living their must be like heaven.
  9. Armed Police........

    Wonder if their having the same crackdown on anti social behaviour in areas that come's under this police forces durastriction like council estates and shopping precints.
  10. No Hunting with dogs vote

    They will come after fishing if they get their way.
  11. What the F are they thinking

    Priority should always be towards victims and their familys in crimes like this and murders.A mate of mines mother was a victim of the s.yorkshire shoe rapist some years ago she never saw that scumbag brought to justice and it had an impact on her family.
  12. What the F are they thinking

    No considerations for victims or their familys an horrendous decision to release this scumbag is going to cause untold greif on those whos lifes this scumbag has devastated.

    Good on them Ireland is a place I would definatly think about moving to if the chance arose my mate who I work with from Omagh was telling me about a German who had bought a property near a beach in Donegal and fenced the beach off after a visit he soon fecked off barbed wire aswell.lol
  14. I disagree - THIS is the lowest of the low !

    I thought at first it was about the scumbag who robbed off the victims of the Manchester bombings both cases have one thing in common no doubt heroin addiction.
  15. Colin Didriksen

    Would have thought he got sickness benefit aswell with the heart attacks he had suffered unless that was fiction as well.