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  1. almost certain few hives have been established on a allotment near me , i dont know how well they're doing but sure i have seen some in the garden over the summer as well as some jet black bees ( like bumbles, which i originally thought was the irish honey bee )
  2. Weed Identification

    Grows around my flights always thought it was from spilled seed or maybe Himalayan balsam never let it mature though
  3. thanks for that tiercel ,that'll get me through this evening
  4. Flaming Hot Summer

    nose is running just looking at that lol
  5. Flaming Hot Summer

    lol apaches and thias good heat apaches !! that was the b*****d , not jolokia still to hot for me
  6. Flaming Hot Summer

    green lurchers could you name some mild varieties ( really mild ) of chilli or peppers , i cant handle hot ,spicy food ,grew some jolokia last year and i honestly thought i was going to die lol after popping one into a bowl of home made soup
  7. Goldfinch Whisperer

  8. Pine Marten Attack

  9. Jagd

    OK, you were doing fine 'till you said Ireland was part of the British Isles, LOL.Ireland is Ireland and Britian is that other island in the Irish sea. Nothing to do with terriers, just politics, LOL. Reminds me of a post on one of the native finch forums ,an English fella piped up (something along these lines ) " why do the Irish lads insist on calling their birds, native Irish finches ,when finches are british " lol ,maybe all them centuries ago st Patrick along with the snakes chased all the goldies,greenies,siskins,bullys etc etc over to Britain to be born and bred there lol.
  10. Best Socks

    waterproof Sealskinz for me to corkman but don't let the missus tumble dry them ,not as water resistant after that :/ Yip, I'd agree with that.... but my missus got a hold of them and did exactly that and gave them too much time in the dryer and they got all screwed up. On the hunt for another pair but all the army lads have them bought up! A good sign when they are buying them!! i suppose if id have read the stitching on the inside were it says dont TUMBLE DRY things would have turned out differently , got mine in, go outdoors, not sure if you have the store near you, its a bit pricey but better than wet feet ,,,, bad sign when your troops have to buy their own socks
  11. Best Socks

    waterproof Sealskinz for me to corkman but don't let the missus tumble dry them ,not as water resistant after that :/
  12. Didn't think pickling eggs was so scientific :/
  13. sign on gate said no unauthorized photos or videos (or words to that effect ) so maybe that's the reason no pics are been shown or the top 3 in the Russell class weren't that great .....g