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  1. New Bunny equipment

    I notice you have the Remote controlled version. Just sit at home and press some buttons.
  2. Strange offering's at Leeds market!!

    Rusty bullet hole soup. Loverly
  3. wagyu

    Aldi had some in last week. Looking like a trip tomorrow to see if there's any left .
  4. Flat roof leaking

    I can highly recommend the Rubber roofing thats available. Long lifespan and easy diy fitting. Assuming its suitable for your house.
  5. Mid Sized Van

    My 08 Vivaro cost me £1500 for a set of injectors with 50k on the clock.
  6. Magpie Hunt, Family Conflict

    I enjoyed that.
  7. Your Life Is Great For Three Reasons?

    Enough money to last (hopefully) Retired yesterday. Benidorm with the lads tomorrow. Whats not to like.
  8. Sunday 2Nd

    Feck knows. it was a wind up
  9. Sunday 2Nd

    I'm going. See you there.
  10. How Long Will She Last

    There's no way all that promised money will be spent on the right area's. I thought see was good for the country until the election cock up.
  11. Auction Houses

    I use the local auctions regularly. Here is an example of a recent sale. Gross total = £70 Vat commision = £17.40 Insurance =0 .70 Electrical testing =£4.00 Vat on charges =£0.94 Total charges =£23.04 Balance payable =£46.96
  12. Northern Shooting Show

    I will go seeing as its only about 3 miles from my House
  13. Van Insurance

    Aviva for me. My van is classed as modified as it has a 500 ltr water tank bolted in the back for the Window cleaning.. Around £600 with most companies. With Aviva it is £260 including breakdown, protected NC, Legal etc.
  14. F**kin Fly Tippers

    My van permit is free. So long as its not Rubble its all free. Was once asked to pay a charge for 1 tile. That went in the domestic bin.
  15. Half Decent Scope

    I've got a Mamba lite on mine. Its also a good scope to fit Night vision on.