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    G.S.P gundog,- pure "Hunting Machine"
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  1. Air Arms Pro Sport after the Wood Pigeons.

    Since you and Big Mac and others came down for your shooting lessons I thought, well this is a lot easier than the building trades, so yeah, it`s great. How are you getting on with your grip Mitch ? Working "a week in hand" at that little durex factory as a durex tester, "must be helping you along some", isn`t it ?
  2. Thought I would try my hand at a little decoying session over spring barley, just sown. This time of year, decoying, I have always gone shot gunning as the tree and ground cover is so barren . Anyway I thought a good test to get them landing close to me with the lack of cover and also using a spring powered air rifle. First bird to land instantly clattered away. Second - the same. 3rd, 4th, 5th - all instantly clattered away, - something is badly wrong ? I had 9 cradled dead wood pigeons in use, not in the greatest condition but I`ll change them the instance I shoot a fresh bird. 6th landed, took it with a heart lung shot, swapped it for a decoy bird. Well to cut a long story short, this was going on, and on and I just couldn`t work out what the feck I was doing wrong ? Set up the same as I always do, what`s wrong !!! Hide was perfect, no see through areas, roof was perfect, couldn`t see a thing, I told Kaiser to stay while I checked the decoys yet again,- perfect ! I`m in a full leaf suit, gloves, mask, all perfect and then " There It Was " - such a bloody schoolboy error on my part !!! I`d told Kaiser to STAY, in the hide, he stood on my bucket seat to see me and he stood out like a bloody lighthouse, the small area to shoot through, you could see daylight through the leafless branches behind the hide so that anything in the hide produced seen movement. I hung up my leaf suit pants behind me for the last hour,-did the trick and LESSON LEARNED The Pro Sport then got tested, - that mistake won`t happen again lads.
  3. Mixy " Disgusts and infuriates me "

    If it was legal, I would much rather " PUT" the idiotic chemists responsible in prison. How to " decimate the countryside" by " Know nothing bloody idiots".
  4. Decoy patterns

    Lee. M I`ve reposted in the hunting write ups for you, plenty of info for you now mate. Mark.
  5. For Lee.M Hope this helps you buddy. All being well, I`m on some freshly sown spring barley for pigeons tomorrow with my Pro Sport.
  6. Decoy patterns

    I`ll pop back tomorrow with a really good pattern and " rules" for you Lee.m You will get great results with it . That's a 1978 spring rifle, a FWB Sport 124 (.177) in the photo LM,- much better challenge than a HW 100 .
  7. Finally got a break in the weather. The Pro Sport Zero is spot on, so I gave her a very stern test this late afternoon set up and ready for 4-15 pm waiting for any Wood Pigeons. The Woodies are landing at the back of this copse, a good 40, 45 yds off. One presentation is all we got as I had no time to build any type of hide in that 1 1/2 hr window other than wearing the top half of my leaf suit, face mask and gloves. Here`s that 45 yd presentation,- it landed, I didn`t dare move an inch and after a long couple of minutes it turned it`s back to me. So satisfying using a springer, building my shot, my breathing, concentrating, squeezing off the shot between heart beats and watching the Wood Pigeon tumble without a twitch, shot clean through the shoulder blades using JSB Exact Express 7.87g, 4.52. One very accurate rifle boys, I`m impressed. atb Mark
  8. I was out pricing jobs up this morning and feeling good because my prices won the day for us. In built up traffic, all swerving around something in the road, I noticed a buck rabbit hopping aimlessly backwards and forward against the kerbstones not knowing where to go or do. It`s eyes were like golf balls, oozing with puss. I put my hazard lights on and my son ended it`s misery there and then,- instantly. Whoever invented that vile disease needs a good chop to the back of the neck aswell. atb Mark p.s. not a happy chap as this was just half a mile from my rabbit permission.
  9. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    I owned a Master Pro, not for long mind and put it up against my TX 200 when I had it. For me, the TX 200 just walked it in all departments, just MY opinion. I hated the external build quality of the Master Pro and that hideous router mark. I cannot knock the LGU ( under lever version) nor can I knock the internals of the Master Pro,- they were very smooth but I gleaned far better accuracy from the TX 200 - but do remember that was me, not you. Now I`m waiting for a weather break to test the Pro Sport against my TX 200 HC MK3 .177 but from what I`ve shot up to now this should be interesting. The Pro Sport is untouched. When I did have the Master Pro she did get a short evenings hunting trip, here`s her results lads. She took 2 from 2 presentations. There`s my thoughts for what they are worth. Good Luck with your choices. P.S. Would I have a Walther LGU or LGV again ? " Absolutely" - a mk2 though.
  10. First time out with the hide

    Do they even make extra, XXXXXXXXXXL hides for James ? Yes, I also think you need to start learning field craft "Mark Style" - on yer ass or not, you would shoot a lot more Only saying like, Twat x
  11. Right, Rez .............

    Hawke Air Max 30 sf 3-12 x 50 amx - maybe ?
  12. The AA Pro Sport .177

    Parker Hale Gun Stock Walnut Oil Jimmy.
  13. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    Sandwell are adamant that a drop in kit " is not tuning a gun" and when you think about all the polishing, lube , two men for 8 hrs on a 97 stage 2 tune etc, etc you can understand those thoughts. The TX is as polished as a spring rifle out of the box, as they come. ( I`m told) Rat Works agreed with that, especially the trigger and would not polish/ buff either. Rat Works offer a stage 4 tune which is this. Now don`t talk gunsmith work with me lads as I`m no gun smith but as you have seen I am having some good results and found this work gave a marked improvement ( for me) in the accuracy and shot cycle of my TX. Rat Works also told me to expect my TX to settle off at around 11.7 ft/lbs which it did/has stayed at that for over a year now. She`s a very accurate, silky smooth rifle now. Hope that helps any.
  14. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    Charlie Caller ( Tim) will like this bit, The LGU , under lever from Walther, is getting some great reviews and is being considered " right up there" alongside the TX`s and 97`s with some well known lads preferring the LGU. Another thought crosses my mind here too Sandwell Field Sports will tune a 97 to a very high standard. Sandwell will also tune an LGU to a stage 1 tune. Sandwell will not tune a TX - as they say it`s tuned as can be already ? Just thought I`d throw that one in ?
  15. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    Shhhhhhhhh , I`m winding the Fecker up Jimmy the Twat is always trying to wind me up.