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  1. Couple of old hammers.

    Spot on that griff, I can never be bothered to put handles in my old heads, but that resin soaked denim has made me think again.
  2. Indian runner ducks

    Indian runners ain't too noisy, it's usually cockerels people moan about as they start too early for a lot of folk, but ducks generally only make any noise when out and about
  3. I find it very hard to believe muslims are only 5%, on that basis, five people in every hundred, complete bollocks, a single drive through my town, the next town, the one after that, some parts are 100% Muslim, and even the known white districts are more than 5% Your bang on the money about kosher though, just as unacceptable as halal and should have been opposed, the only difference been, kosher was never so widely available or filled our shops/supermarkets like halal seems to have done.
  4. Carved Eagle Opinel No6

    That is stunning, but you wouldn't want it in your pocket, looks very fragile.
  5. I have access to a cricket in .25 and a Vulcan in .25, and a matador in .25, I use all these 3 rifles regularly when we go out, all are running between 43lb (Vulcan) and 50lb cricket, and all of them shoot incredibly flat for the heavy .25 lead. my shooting buddy had a rapid .25 at 30lb. and he had massive trajectory, ok once you learn it, but limited the range for him due to lack of mildots on the scope. bsa limit the fac versions to around 30 as the accuracy goes terrible if it's pushed out much more than that.
  6. Most places do not advertise the fact they only use halal meat, subway, KFC, greggs etc etc you have to do your research to find out who is halal and who isn't. a few takeaways advertise the fact, mainly as the 'dare I say it' Muslim faith is all halal, and they outnumber us by far, so the few customers they loose is a drop in the ocean to the many they gain.
  7. i think you need to actually understand the petition, just like a lot of the comments on here, this is not about banning halal meat, or even halal slaughter, it's about banning the law that makes them exempt from our animal welfare laws, i.e., they need to stun everything first and not just cut its throat and let it bleed out whilst still fully conscious, I actually agree they should never have been exempt from our laws from day one. I signed it weeks ago. And I hope it does make a difference, but I doubt it will. the next step is to get everything that is halal slaughtered labelled so as a consumer we know what we are buying.
  8. Why would they not be able to eat kebabs?
  9. Knowing what some people are like .......

    Ah, that made me laugh, I know a few folk who would struggle to tell the difference.
  10. Well done, good things come in time, show them regular results and you be getting more and more from it, just look after it and your set.
  11. It wasn't pretty

    Sounds a good day out all round, great sport, time with the dog, cracking views, and a workout, what better, thanks, I enjoyed reading that.
  12. Shark Fishing

    Nice one on the shark, had a few myself in Cornwall, must get my boat back down there. thought it was illegal to 'target' tuna, and if caught 'accidentally' your not able to land them
  13. Great Neighbours!

    My question would be, as a responsible bloke like you seem, how did the dog have the means to get under the fence to start with, you say you dreaded it happening, now be a decent neighbour yourself and put things in place so it can't happen. fair play to next door though, they handled it properly, just make sure you do your part

    An all time favourite quote I have in my mind when I was chatting with my mate about his, 'It doesn't matter it keeps breaking, they are so easy to work on', to which I replied, I would rather they didn't break in the first place.

    In a word, NO i know several guys who have fx in FAC and they love them, 'when' they are working, too many problems and I usually get 'can't tonight mate, bloody gun is playing up', them things spend more time broken or been fixed than shot !
  16. NV holdover

    Phil, I want 400 notes for it, I would include postage for you. i will pm you, but to be open about stuff, it will be an offer of trying the unit out before spending your hard earned, either you come down here and try it or I post and you give it a go see what you think.

    I would swerve fx like the plague, I've not a good word heard or to say about them, apart from one user on her with the impact. bsa r10 are good, and I rate them, but I would go old school and buy a s10 for fac. or bite the bullet and buy a cricket, you WILL be impressed.
  18. Shooting sticks

    I had the primo sticks till they were left lying in the grass and the mower ate them, great sticks, but a bit pricey, and you need to look after them or the legs stop working. i have a twin set of sticks, with an elastic band at the top type idea, no idea what make, but they just seem bullet proof. bottom line, twin sticks do the job quicker and easier, albeit not quite the stable platform, triple or quad offer, so it depends if your on the move carrying sticks and need to stop and take a shot pdq, or if you have a bit more time to set up and take a shot the primo can't be beat.
  19. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    Well, up until a couple of years ago I would have been with all the nay Sayers, they didn't exist in the wild in the uk unless it happened to be an escaped one from public/private collection and even then it was for weeks rather than years, and most certainly not breeding in the wild, in fact, I still have my doubts about it happening or been true. But, I was heading home fairly early evening a couple of winters ago, about 6-30 ish, think it was in October but can't be sure, and I saw something, I didn't see it for seconds or minutes, just merely a glimpse, from the verge something jumped a small roadside ditch and went through a sparse hedgerow into fields beyond. Now I'm not a crackpot, I've lived country all my life, I am pretty good, well actually very good at seeing things and what goes on around me, I just spot stuff others walk past, that's fact. what I saw that evening made me stop in my tracks, I've never seen anything like it in the wild before or since, it wasn't a deer 100%, wasn't a badger or fox 100%, it didn't look or move like any dog I've ever come across, it was too long in the body for a dog, the general size/height proportions were just all wrong, (unless it was some mental massive sausage dog) it did have a long tail, and I swear by god it moved just like a cat would, I didn't get a good clear look at it, I wish to feck I had, I saw it on my peripheral vision and it made me look, at which I saw the back end of 'something' disappearing, but I know what little I did see was like nowt I can pin down to been a native wild uk animal, I don't go round bleating about what I know I saw, because I cannot be certain, I have no proof of it happening, and folk just think your mad, like I always thought for many years when I have heard the stories, but by feck I saw something I cannot explain, I struggle even now to say it was a big cat as it sounds so bloody ridiculous, but it sure as feck moved the same way as an ordinary cat, only the size of a big dog. I know the dark can and does play tricks with the mind, or rather the mind plays tricks on yourself in the dark, but I've spent most of my life out in the dark in fields and woods, and I've thought I heard things etc etc, 5 seconds later I dismiss it, but this was no imaginary thing, no trick of my mind, I was wide awake driving with main beam lights on, and I cannot erase what I saw from my mind, wish to god I had something more concrete as I'm pretty sure I know what I saw that night, but as always, without concrete eveidence, I refuse to believe it myself. so no longer do I dismiss them all as mad or crackpots, although I believe most of them probably are, I also think most of them wouldn't know the difference between a badger and a goat, so lots of mistaken identity must happen, but I have this nagging doubt in my mind, maybe, just maybe.............. To answer the original question, I think most of the sightseers need to be put on a crash country course so they can actually recognise most of what is living in the wild for a start ! That would cut 50% of the sightings down at least
  20. Best ducks to breed for meat

    Ps, I do a bit of glass work on boats myself, what Matt did you use,it's all about the wieght of the layup.but3 layers will be pretty flimsy without some stiffeners in it. i can't see the gel underneath the glass work.
  21. Best ducks to breed for meat

    The problem with any waterfowl, mud, drinkers will fill up with it, buckets, ponds, boats !!! I always try and use things that will tip over or rinse out easy, my ducks in one pen (just 3 ducks) will half fill a bucket with mud in a day, that boat will soon be a boat full of mud mate, great idea,and very commendable wanting to do it for them, but it will be hard work for you. try a few mats around it to keep it cleaner,or use a bath so you can pull the plug and rinse it out.
  22. Pesky squirrel

    I would love to have them around here, truth is we're over run with greys. I hope the reds can hang onto the few spots they have and increase in number
  23. Pesky squirrel

    That's no a bad thing, wish I could say that.
  24. Pesky squirrel

    I keep saying I should try them, shot over 200 this year, ferrets love em though

    Nice, very nice, bet it's bloody cold when the wind is blowing though. if you want to ferret it I would be happy to come up for a day with you.