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  1. Winter Coat

    A pal I go pigeon shooting with has one of these and he swears by it as well.

    Too true, I've been looking for a decent one for a while now, am like a tramp on chips when I hear someone has a mincer for sale 😆😆

    Ha ha, too slow, I've already asked him 😂
  4. You have golfers out on the course at quarter past midnight 😂 What range were they taken at cliff
  5. Gutted

    Ok, you've won the prize Dick of the day award, now stop ruining the op thread who I think most of us feel bad for, unlike you, f**king muppet.
  6. You missed every single one 😆😆 buy a pcp 😂
  7. lab bitch

    Yeah, it would appear a lot more behind it than first glance.
  8. lab bitch

    Sounds like a cnuts trick to me, unless he has a very good reason for not honouring the agreement. Ive come to realise a lot of folk have deep pockets and short memories.
  9. Out Ratting

    Excellent pics, looks like some good sport was had and a tidy little number cleared up, I do love seeing dogs working like that, and those plumbers are cracking wee dogs. well done and thanks for sharing.
  10. Motion Camera

    I'd be interested to know more about these, make, model, what's the picture or video like, rough running cost, I have the ideal job for one.
  11. after work

    Nice, well done, I like the look of the r10, and ratworks tune transforms them, is it also regged ?
  12. A very polite rejection

    I wouldn't do it in 6 months, be in harvest then and plenty to think about/worrying him than some fella wanting to shoot. make it 3 months and the wheat will be up and he will be looking at crop damage by then if he has any rabbits, farmers are a funny breed.
  13. A very polite rejection

    I hope your not poaching my permissions !
  14. I'm bringing the Mrs, 17 kids, in laws, neighbours, the bin men (well they been good all year) postman if he can get the day off........
  15. Right, just booked my tickets for tomorrow, am going to be a social person for one day this year 😆 May see some of you there.
  16. Good advice there, and all true facts, but I would avoid airtech like the plague, nothing wrong with his work mind.
  17. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    Jsb kings for me all day long, but am planning some testing this weekend if the weather is any good and I get a spare minute
  18. Never seen wild boar there, and I usually go at least twice a month
  19. Been like that for a long while now
  20. Boat trip

    Ha ha, no mention of Norfolk or Suffolk for that very reason. i got a few mates over that way and it's been a terrible couple of years for them.
  21. Squirrel feeders

    Kin ell, that's £325 a ton, go see a local farmer, even the organic wheat is only £250 a ton.
  22. thermal negatives?

    I agree 100% with all the above, but would like to add, thermal isn't the dogs dangles all the time, certain weather puts pay to it very quickly, if there is a lot of fog/ wet in the air it's totally blind
  23. New BSA

    I quite like it, much better looking than the Galahad, and it's a tried and tested design, always had a soft spot for the ultra, I've got one that has surpassed all expectations. still need to know a price on it.
  24. I'm not wearing a flower in my buttonhole for no one 😳😳😳😳 I will have you know I've a very delicate buttonhole and it's staying that way 😂 Rich, mark, you coming on Sunday ? flowers will be cheaper in bulk 😆😆