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  1. 2x rat catcher xl

    No me neither.
  2. SGC and working away

    I can't see why they would ask if you was away for a few months in the first place.
  3. Newborn lambs

    The idea of early lambs is very much money, people talk about spring lamb,, but not many breed them that early, it's a hardy lamb to go through winter and they take more effort, but a well bred lamb into the early spring market always fetches top dollar, a fine balancing act between losses and extra profit, most play safe and lamb later in the year to co-incide with better weather and new grass arriving.
  4. Newborn lambs

    No he's a piss taker, cos he's laughing at the fact they can't stand up and look drunk.
  5. Fox

    Just need some general advice at the mo. i have a large, and I do mean it's bloody big, fox visiting an area, I also know that very shortly I can expect it in my trap as it is going in and taking bait every night, now the thing is, from my camera pics it is a very nice one with a lovely looking coat, the Mrs has mentioned how she would rather see it as a rug ! so, for someone with zero idea about tanning, how practical is it to skin and prep/treat a fox skin and is it actually worth the bother or not.
  6. I thought they were maybe blewits as well jok
  7. Airbags

    Glad the wife is ok. i would have guessed by the description they would have gone off, but I don't know enough to really say that in all tRuth. what age is the car, as that also makes a difference. the comment about bumpers been nudged to set off airbags and open doors was correct, a good few yrs back, am sure they learnt a lesson from that and things have been addresed since then. cars are designed to crumple around you in any impact, the car is classed as sacrificial first, crumple zones, which is very annoying in a tiny shunt as it can costs thousands replacing bumpers, wings, grills etc etc, old days of solid tin and metal are long gone, and in the event of a hefty shunt it's a good job too.
  8. Couple of old hammers.

    Spot on that griff, I can never be bothered to put handles in my old heads, but that resin soaked denim has made me think again.
  9. Indian runner ducks

    Indian runners ain't too noisy, it's usually cockerels people moan about as they start too early for a lot of folk, but ducks generally only make any noise when out and about
  10. I find it very hard to believe muslims are only 5%, on that basis, five people in every hundred, complete bollocks, a single drive through my town, the next town, the one after that, some parts are 100% Muslim, and even the known white districts are more than 5% Your bang on the money about kosher though, just as unacceptable as halal and should have been opposed, the only difference been, kosher was never so widely available or filled our shops/supermarkets like halal seems to have done.
  11. Carved Eagle Opinel No6

    That is stunning, but you wouldn't want it in your pocket, looks very fragile.
  12. I have access to a cricket in .25 and a Vulcan in .25, and a matador in .25, I use all these 3 rifles regularly when we go out, all are running between 43lb (Vulcan) and 50lb cricket, and all of them shoot incredibly flat for the heavy .25 lead. my shooting buddy had a rapid .25 at 30lb. and he had massive trajectory, ok once you learn it, but limited the range for him due to lack of mildots on the scope. bsa limit the fac versions to around 30 as the accuracy goes terrible if it's pushed out much more than that.
  13. Most places do not advertise the fact they only use halal meat, subway, KFC, greggs etc etc you have to do your research to find out who is halal and who isn't. a few takeaways advertise the fact, mainly as the 'dare I say it' Muslim faith is all halal, and they outnumber us by far, so the few customers they loose is a drop in the ocean to the many they gain.
  14. i think you need to actually understand the petition, just like a lot of the comments on here, this is not about banning halal meat, or even halal slaughter, it's about banning the law that makes them exempt from our animal welfare laws, i.e., they need to stun everything first and not just cut its throat and let it bleed out whilst still fully conscious, I actually agree they should never have been exempt from our laws from day one. I signed it weeks ago. And I hope it does make a difference, but I doubt it will. the next step is to get everything that is halal slaughtered labelled so as a consumer we know what we are buying.
  15. Why would they not be able to eat kebabs?