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  1. out again

    That's the exact problem we're having, hammering the clover in the grass.
  2. jambalaya

    Seriously, if it's so much better than been here feel free to f**k off back to it.
  3. Light

    I shoot a few different cals as well, and I've tried .177, and yes of course it's more than capable of the job, I just don't like them, and especially don't like my big clumsy fingers trying to load them into mags.
  4. Light

    .177 not for me but it obviously suits you very well indeed. keep knocking them down, well done.
  5. New permission and a question

    I've worked plenty of Jill's in season, doesn't make a jot of difference. good luck with the new perm.
  6. Banned school hairstyles

    Similiar story here, I was told I wouldn't be fit to sweep the streets, I hated school and hardly ever bothered to try, even though I was quite bright, I just never bothered. Maybe 10 yr after leaving school I employed a lad (had my own firm not long after leaving school), turns out it was the son of the teacher told me I would never do any good, I was sure to remind him when I saw him. The only class I enjoyed was agriculture, and that teacher ended up working for me as well.
  7. NV and Thermal Pricing

    Exact same experience I had with him, makes a change dealing with straight forward honest folk.
  8. Fx Crown .25 green laminate new

    Very nice, I believe these have a huge mag system and also easy to change Calibre, and they do them in .30 if I'm right in thinking, sounds like quite a tool. The .30 would certainly be of interest.
  9. Good morning

    Nice going me old mucka, giving that knee a workout, some of the uks finest dining hanging right there.
  10. Winter Coat

    A pal I go pigeon shooting with has one of these and he swears by it as well.

    Too true, I've been looking for a decent one for a while now, am like a tramp on chips when I hear someone has a mincer for sale 😆😆

    Ha ha, too slow, I've already asked him 😂
  13. You have golfers out on the course at quarter past midnight 😂 What range were they taken at cliff
  14. Gutted

    Ok, you've won the prize Dick of the day award, now stop ruining the op thread who I think most of us feel bad for, unlike you, f**king muppet.
  15. You missed every single one 😆😆 buy a pcp 😂