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  1. Scouser X My First Cross Bitch

    some up to date pics off bannerman pups looking well
  2. Dublin Airport...hares ..!!

    how come irish lads can bring dogs to the fens n kill 2,outta 3..3,outta 3.and cant kill them here. see how fast the hares are when u put 1 off them big english plodders in behind him lol
  3. Saluki ?

    yea it was full pal ive deleted a few messages off it now
  4. Saluki ?

    how that saluki bred saluki246 hes a nice animal
  5. Let Me No Lads

    second 1
  6. Scouser X My First Cross Bitch

    Pups are beauts Jim best off luck with them pal
  7. Dog Called Franny On Youtube

    Get them up big Jim not long left now pal 😉
  8. Whats The Best Dog In Ire On Cam Lads

    There's a few clips I'm sure some of the lads can stick them up I don't no how to do it Eric pal
  9. Whats The Best Dog In Ire On Cam Lads

    Plenty off good dogs on cam in Ireland tiger Lucas Kim flathead max take ur pick