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  1. Nice one Shane all's well that ends well hope the young dogs do yea proud chum
  2. are haix boots any good?

    At the minute yes and I haven't even waxed them yet
  3. are haix boots any good?

    Smashing pair of boots got myself two pair weeks ago and I've put them to the test very good boot
  4. Why can't I read my notifications or messages :help:

  5. New layout

    I'd sack the I.T GUY Ian
  6. The Dealer Dog

    well he didn't get them sitting at the fireMixedgrill, the man has started a thread looking to source lineage from working terriers. Is there any chance you could reframe from making every thread out to be a joke or a slagging match? There is some folk on here actually work there dogs and are serious about it. Stop holding it back.lol your pathetic
  7. The Dealer Dog

    well he didn't get them sitting at the fire
  8. The Dealer Dog

    seen that video always wondered how good the dog was
  9. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    with out a doubt chum
  10. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    who ya talking about I think he was on about you,to be honest you do have that look about hope I'm wrong though. are you serious?you fcking cnut.anybody wants my name or adress pm me and you can run it by any terrierman or huntsman in the country.any dog I hav I either bred or reared or was gifted.I never took anything off anybody in my life.and to be honest peter I shouldn't be explaining meslf either.where u living peter?ss we all know your straight Peter is just a first class cockhead
  11. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    that's all I hear is karma this and that how many more people has to have their dog's stolen before names come out
  12. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    see instead of talking in riddles name the cuuts mole
  13. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    True Thing is they will always wonder if I'm coming for them