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  1. JBluck dirt

    I'm a lazy cuut I go for technology every time
  2. JBluck dirt

    Listen to sport Billy
  3. JBluck dirt

    All's a matter is no one wants to know the man.... it took a bit of time for TRUE TERRIERMEN to see what a vindictive prick he is
  4. line breeding?

    If it wasn't for bad luck some of us would have no luck at all... If its all about luck there's a lot of lucky terriers about
  5. line breeding?

    what you think I'm breeding dogs for KFC
  6. line breeding?

  7. line breeding?

    I was taken down because of an argument I think
  8. line breeding?

    Some Interesting facts
  9. Julian barnfield grass

    I think every red coat are wankers even the ones in Butlins they'd all stick in yee when your backs turned
  10. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Very photogenic
  11. Wales

    It's like being in the house ffs grow up woman
  12. Wales

    Tidy lads lol
  13. Terrier mistakes

    I get what your saying chum but in your statement you said experienced terriers can get out witted once or twice in their careers... if they don't get there game chum that puts them in the same category as my dog.. you've contradicted yourself buddy
  14. Terrier mistakes

    May have to do that I'm running out of dogs
  15. Terrier mistakes

    Dogs would put your head away chum ..yeah he's still very keep I pushed him a bit coming to the end of the season and he went well