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  1. Mister Gain

    Never ending queue

    We've been using gas BBQ's for about 15 years now, got p1ssed off with the clean up of the charcoal ones. Ours gets used about 4-5 times per week, even in the winter as it's under cover. You still get the BBQ taste with the gas as the fats drip onto the heat diffuser and instantly combusts, thus imparting the flavour to whatever is cooking. It's situated about 12 feet from the oven in the kitchen, but again, there's the clean up of the oven etc. Much easier to to fire up the BBQ, cleaning consists of just a couple of strokes of the wire brush. You don't have to wait 45 minutes or so for the coals to grey down, it's instant. My old girl loves using it. The only drawback I can see is that you can't throw wood-chips onto the gas, but then again, I have a homemade smoker right next to the BBQ (gas powered), which I can smoke white oak planings with, adding any herbs or flavourings to the oak. Had a cheapo gas one initially just to see if I got on with it, burners rusted out after 2 years though. Went to Aussie and saw how clean and easy my son's 4 burner gas one was and that's the type I got when we returned home. After 12 years the cast iron burners rusted and started to de-laminate and cause inconsistencies with the flame so I have recently replaced the burners with stainless steel ones.
  2. Mister Gain

    Let's never forget

    A memorial ride involving motorbike and scooter riders from two separate points paid tribute to Lee today. One group started in Wrotham, Kent and the other left from Blackheath, south east London. They held the guard of honour in Woolwich. All donations from the ride will go to the Armed Forces Bikers charity.
  3. Mister Gain

    Ugly Fecking thing !

    Thank fcuk it's about a Damascus goat, when I read the title I thought it was going to be another Dianne Abbott thread.
  4. Mister Gain

    75 Years Ago Today..........

    That's pianoman, Simon W Atack. Superb paintings.
  5. Mister Gain

    Pie Moulds

    Just a heads up for those of you who enjoy a pie, as I do, there are pie and mash shop pie moulds for sale on Ebay. I bought some about a month ago and can recommend them, they are a lot more durable than the foil pie ashets as they are made from alusteel and can be washed up whereas the foil ones get slung away. I bought them £17.50 for 10, and have made a batch of 10 mince and onion, which I froze. The moulds are actually sold to pie and mash shops and come in 2 sizes, I bought the larger ones. ... and the result, today's lunch
  6. Mister Gain

    Funny Joke Thread

    The Mrs has just come into the living room in a little black PVC number, with fishnet stockings and high heels. She handed me a cold beer and told me to sit down and relax and when she comes back she'll give me 'what she does best'. I can't wait, I fcuking love shepherds pie.
  7. Mister Gain

    Sunday/Monday lunch

    Made do with a rather healthy sunday lunch, BBQ'd Cyprus style pastirma sausages in pitta bread with tomato salad, absolutely love them. Couple of bottles of red first as an appetiser. Here's a pic of some I had earlier in the year (hence the use by date)
  8. Mister Gain

    Sunday/Monday lunch

    That jerk pork will do the trick, absolutely love it. You can't beat the wet paste, that jerk powder doesn't cut it for me. Not seen it in that brand before, usually use Walkers Wood or Dunnes River pastes. I used to use it to make Jerk Pork and Apple sausages about 10" long, they were very popular when we had BBQ's.
  9. Mister Gain


    It's something I wouldn't have watched (too old), I was even too old for H.R. Pufnstuf LOL (1969)
  10. Mister Gain

    Guilty Of Sending An Offensive Message

    Just had a look on youtube for the old nursery rhyme "eeny meeny miny moe", and they have even changed that to "catch a TIGER by the toe"... not surprised though.
  11. Mister Gain

    A Good Pick Up

    Look at them pups hanging off that dam, she's going to end up with nipples like Holden wheel nuts.
  12. Mister Gain

    Our own art

    Since retirement I have dabbled with a bit of painting and drawing, and largely enjoyed it. Done all sorts of subjects (except hunting scenes) in watercolour, oil paint and a few graphite drawings. Last couple of years I've not been able to find the enthusiasm to restart. I have tried different styles as well, even had a go at the Bob Ross method in oils. I have sold a few and done a few commissions for people and given a fair few away. Did a watercolour doberman for my brother Done my son's dog some years back and sent it out to Aussie for him Did a few portraits as well, some who have passed away etc. Did one of a young girl who died young, father is Ghanaian mother is Malaysian of Chinese origin. The wife's uncle John, no longer with us Done landscapes and buildings as well As an ex train driver I even did a few railway ones, my old depot etc Even tried the Bob Ross technique Anyway, you get the idea. As said, lost heart with it lately.
  13. Mister Gain

    Radio 4 Saturday

    (20.00) 8PM mate, Archive on 4. 50 years on - Rivers of Blood.
  14. Mister Gain

    Burglary. Charged for murder

    Those flowers were not laid in the street in which he died, they were placed opposite the house he was burgling, so hardly a shrine but more of an intimidatory action IMO, so should be removed. As for the police saying they will arrest anybody removing the flowers, just about sums this country up. The women putting the flowers up were clambering all over that fence, no respect for anyone's property. Now it has been mooted that we, the taxpayer, might have to foot the bill for the funeral as he was unemployed at the time of his death. Fcuking laughable... No doubt the relatives at the wake will all raise a glass of vodka and orange to his memory as apparently he had a special place in his heart for a Screwdriver.
  15. Mister Gain

    Is this legit ?

    As mackem says, amnesty bin, but that one is Essex police not London. Most current Londoners wouldn't be able to read it, it would have to have lots of translations, Pakistani, Syrian, Eritrean etc.