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  1. please be carful

    Remember this happening a couple of years ago...
  2. Stickmaking, how hard/easy?

    It might pay to have a look in a charity shop for a stick, I got a walking stick from the Cat Protection League a few years ago for 50p.
  3. We've got the K and the F.........but no C

    Has KFC gone into liquidation?
  4. Giblets

    You might like to try Korean Meatballs, they really are the dogs bollocks.
  5. Giblets

    Fcuk all wrong with giblets, made a quiche one year from duck and turkey giblets and the ol' sausage wallet loved it... until I told her what it was, PMSL. She had eaten over half of it. They contribute to a good gravy and if you want to use them for another dish all well and good. Trouble is nowadays you don't always get giblets with a chicken.
  6. Funny Joke Thread

    The Irish bobsleigh team at the Winter Olympics are refusing to race until the course has been gritted!
  7. Labour Party Animal Welfare Plan

    They do mention this... Mandatory labelling of meat, both domestic and imported. This would include details on country of origin, method of production and method of slaughter (stun or non-stun). They fail to indicate any directive of intent and to me it just means it will have a label stating whether it has been slaughtered humanely whilst stunned, or slaughtered inhumanely (IMO) without stunning. So it would appear that they are quite happy with the methods of Halal slaughter and not with the welfare of the animals. It's all about keeping their voters I feel.
  8. Congratulations Tom Daley

    I have it on good authority that the fetus is gestating in the lower bowel, he has been told to ease up on the curry. Update on that, it wasn't the fetus, it was a piece of sweetcorn.
  9. Just saw this

    There are plenty around here, winter before last used to have one follow me and the dog (about 5 am) just a few yards behind, and it used to re-mark every tree or lamp post my dog pissed up. Generally see a few most mornings, dog doesn't take too much notice of them now although now and again he will decide to chase one. A woman who I speak to had her chihuahua ragged by one in her garden, cost her £200 in vet bills, and that was during the middle of the day.
  10. Funny Joke Thread

  11. Cheddar Man

    I wonder if there could be something in this 'Cheddar Man' being a darkie, and possibly all or some of our ancesters. I keep getting a compulsive urge to move back to Peckham and loiter outside Morley's fried chicken shop wid me bredren, sucking air through me teet, and cussin and dissin any whitey that dares to walk past.
  12. ALDI recall...

    It would be a good way to get your terrier to eat his veggies I suppose
  13. Price of 5 pups £14,000

    Can't believe the prices of some of these dogs for sale, saw a tricolour british bulldog puppy on pets4homes a few weeks ago for £11,995. Just had another look for it and it's not there so it looks like someone may have bought it... crazy. Edit. They have altered the advert a bit but it has sold at that price, https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/1814272-lilac-tri-female-kc-registered-british-bulldog-ilford.html
  14. ALDI recall...

    ALDI has taken 38000 bags of frozen veg off the shelves after a customer found half a rat in hers. And to think we were all moaning about Richmond sausages a couple of days ago.
  15. Richmond Sausages.

    Those are Cumberlands, traditionally they are not linked but displayed as shown and the butcher would just cut a length off for the customer.