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  1. Our own art

    Somebody's fishing
  2. R.I.P Sergeant Hartman

    Is that you John Wayne ?, is this me ?
  3. R.I.P Sergeant Hartman

  4. Beddy greyhound pups

    Groom of the stool
  5. Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    These were a popular type until the saluki and bull crosses become so popular, can make canny allrounders with a steadier temperament
  6. Conflict What-Ifs......

    Mrs doyle would be having a feckin shit fit
  7. South American greyhounds must be good

    Go faster teeth
  8. That's it

    Sounds like Cut heal
  9. That's it

    Billy Graham once referred to Ricky Hatton as a rum c**t
  10. LurcherXtoypug

    Pre ban
  11. Thinking of converting to islam

    He'll tell me owt, it's all conmen and charlatans where he comes from
  12. Thinking of converting to islam

    What you calling baw stewie for ?
  13. JBluck dirt

    Not 'The' Hodge ?
  14. Them retractable leads

    They're shite, but the cord is good for tarp and hammock tying
  15. Knife and gun crime

    Bet that would'nt have happened had he been a spear chucker