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  1. up the hills of northumberland

    These are Northumbrian whippets not southern budgies
  2. up the hills of northumberland

    That's the life, keep at it mate
  3. Salukis

    I reckon over lamping and being shot out has done most of the damage, cannot beat the day game for sport and conservation
  4. Salukis

    What was the hare population like in the early days mate, must have been different altogether back then, early 90's up here in Northumberland used to find some good numbers on certain land, few and far between now
  5. family of doulble benji bred dogs we have (pics)

    Most of the saluki lurcher stuff in the uk is closely related. Plenty of these types about
  6. family of doulble benji bred dogs we have (pics)

    Some smart looking dogs there
  7. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    I hear they threw themselves under the hooves of galloping racehorses approaching the final furlong
  8. greyhound x greyhound x deerhound.

    Can she eat a whole one
  9. Profile views?

    Dry bummers
  10. waterloo cup 2005

    Sure there was some episodes in the series that they decided not to broadcast
  11. Free Masons

    Is'nt Carter Blanche a stone mason
  12. NHS tied up by twats

    Drunk tanks, sounds like oversized home brew barrels strategically placed around the towns and cities
  13. I'm intrested to know

    Mouth eye coordination session
  14. Colin Didriksen

    The three D's, Doherty, Darcy, and Didriksen have all made a canny contribution